NDC Elections: Inadequate polling centres push Voting into Day 2

Voting by the National Democratic Congress has entered its second day after logistical constraints among other factors triggered delays causing long winding queues at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

Inadequate polling centres for the over 9,000 delegates have been blamed for the cause of the delays in the election of national executives of the party. There are five polling centres for the entire process.

“Voting has been going on at a slow pace,” a delegate in a long-winding queue told 3News, adding “it’s been dragging and it has caused a lot of frustration for us”.

Some delegates question why a party election should enter into a second day when even a national election with more candidates and voters is done in a day.

At least delegates from seven regions are said to have cast their votes in the election which has the national chairmanship and the general secretary positions as the key among the about 10 positions being voted for in the election.

It has been over 13 hours since polls opened Saturday for the election but polls are yet to close for counting to begin, something that has caused anxiety among delegates who have had to go through torturous processes to cast their ballot.

By 10:00pm Saturday delegates waiting to cast their votes and some who had gone through the process started to catch some sleep in their chairs at the event grounds after a long day of activities.

sOURCE: 3News

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