NDC and NPP are joking with the Destiny of Ghana

On 6th of March 1957, Kwame Nkrumah proclaimed at the attainment of our independence, that:

“At Long Last, Ghana, Our Beloved Country Is Free Forever, And That From Today To Go, We Will Prove To The Whole World, That The Blackman Is Capable Of Managing His Own Affairs.”

Kwame Nkrumah had demanded self-Government in danger, to servitude in tranquility. It was a day of tears of joy, after years of struggle. Ghana started well from 1960, until 1966, when the first republican Constitution, was brought to an abrupt end by the military coup that overthrew Kwame Nkrumah’s Convention Peoples Party (CPP) Government. Successive Military interventions finally saw the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) headed by Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings as the leader of the Military Junta that toppled the then Peoples National Party Government under the Presidency of Dr. Hilla Liman in 1987.

The PNDC ruled until 1992, when the military dictatorship transformed into a Political Party. The 4th republican Constitution that was drawn and promulgated by the Military Junta, was drafted without the participation of political parties and Civil Society Organizations.

The constitution is totally flawed with indemnity clause, enormous powers to one man-the President, to appoint over five thousand heads of institutions and without a clear road map to decentralize political power to the local authorities for faster rural development. The spirit and letter of the whole document has therefore been a mockery of participatory democracy. As was expected, Jerry John Rawlings and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) won the elections that was organized in 1992 and became the first President of the 4th Republic for two 4 year terms.

The 1992 constitution has so far survived 27 years under NDC and NPP divisive and deceptive politics. A constitutional review commission appointed under former President John Evans Atta Mills (May his soul rest in peace) completed its work and handed it over to the Executive for approval and referendum, only to be challenged at the Supreme Court as to the propriety of the process and authority of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC). After spending well over 10million US Dollars for the process, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, and the whole exercise became a waste of national resources.

Fellow Ghanaians, the 1992 Constitution has been and continues to be the biggest bane to Ghana’s Economic woes. In 1992, Ghana had about 112 constituencies. For Political expediencies between NDC and NPP, we now have 275 Constituencies, because the constitution spells out no cutoff point. It is obvious that with the creation of six new Regions, additional constituencies will be created. Ostensibly, for realignment and to enhance the political fortunes of the incumbent government. Without doubt, very soon, the Chinese will be contracted to build a bigger Parliament house because of lack of space at the present Legislative House. Are we so backward? If not, why are our leaders so irresponsible and mediocre? Why can’t they make sound judgments? Do we need the World Bank and IMF to tell us how to cut down our expenditure?

Again, the 1992 Constitution does not specifically put a cap on Ministerial Appointments a President can make and therefore, each political party assumes office with as many Ministerial appointments as they wish, at the detriment of the national treasury. To satisfy Party loyalists, the Government of the NPP, has over 110 Ministerial appointments and unreasonably high Presidential staffers, which has always been a ball game of the two major parties. They don’t care because the constitution is silent on punishments for Economic Mismanagement and Corruption in Government. How long can the good people of Ghana accommodate and tolerate the deepening of our financial crises? Are we Magicians by nature?

Ghana is in serious economic crisis and it is all because the Cedi survives only on excessive borrowing without corresponding exports. It is up to the People of Ghana to demand Economic Freedom from NDC and NPP because, our economic hopelessness has been created by them over the last 27 years and it is evident that their interest is only to struggle by any means necessary for political power and amass undeserved wealth at the expense of National development.

The people of Ghana must demand prudent economic management of our resources by cutting down unnecessary expenditure and eliminate all the colonial exploitative privileges which have been abused with impunity to their advantage. It can be done, and it must be done else, they will be done.

We need to wage a national crusade against them, and I am preparing and will soon launch an Independent 2020 Presidential campaign document as a gift for the people of Ghana to decide if they really want change for the needed economic freedom or choose to remain under the political deceptions of NDC/NPP.

Join the Crusade to change the destiny of our Country and let us establish a buoyant and resilient economy that generations shall be proud to inherit.

The writer Ofori Ampofo, is the President of the NATIONAL CRUSADERS ALLIANCE (NCA).

Join the crusade. Call and register with the Secretary.

President: 0200421544

Secretary: Jeorge Wilson Kingson

Contact: 0244822034






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