NDC PC Aspirant angry with Joycelyn Tetteh

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate hopeful for the Afram Plains North Constituency, Kpeli Worlase, has advised the incumbent Member of Parliament for the North Dayi constituency, Joycelyn Tetteh, to pay much attention to challenges facing her Constituency and also work hard for her re-election in the 2020 general elections.

According to the Parliamentary aspirant, why should an incumbent MP who is vying for re-election follow and campaign for another candidate who is also in a contest to retain her seat in another constituency with only two weeks to elections. “Meanwhile, there are problems in the Constituency needing your time and attention, problems facing your constituents. Using the exact words used of the late former President John Atta Mills during the political dispute in Ivory Coast some eight years ago in the akan dialect, i’ll like to tell Joycelyn that “di wo find asem,” Worlase stated.

He was speaking to Ghananewsoline.com.gh in an interview. According to him, “I am not against her candidature because l am not contesting her. But then tell her to concentrate on her campaign messages to the delegates within her constituency.

“Is nobody contesting this woman at North Dayi? How can she follow Betty of Kwahu Afram Plains North to come and convince delegates not to be deceived when people pose themselves as legal practitioners and passionate to the well-being of the people,” he questioned.

“I stated on my nomination form that I am a lawyer, I have been to vetting and the committee inspected my certificate and cleared me, they gave me the green light to contest. The vetting committee could have disqualified me if my certificates were not genuine so where from those statement. If Joycelyn wants to be sure of my background then we should be allowed to paste our certificates on the notice for delegates to access us before the primaries,” he explained.

It is alleged that the MP for North Dayi last Tuesday followed Betty Krosbi Mensah to Abotoase to meet delegates of the NDC from the Dwarf Island in the Afram Plains North and to urge them to vote for Betty.

Worlase asked if the North Dayi MP has already won her slot in the 24th August Primaries, pointing out that himself and his team also have brothers and sisters who are delegates in North Dayi who they could equally advice not to vote for Joycelyn but he was quick to state that “it is not necessary”.

He ceased advised his teaming supporters to remain calm and expect victory for the NDC.

Source: William Dei-Gyau || Ghananewsoline.com.gh

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