NDC’s Decision Day – Saturday November 17, 2018

Once in the life of an entity come the moment to decide and whatever and whichever the decision shapes the future and destiny of that entity.

In the coming days, delegates of the party will decide who assumes the mantle of leadership to form the national executives committee to steer the ships to its avowed destination.

The immediate task facing the party now is the national executive’s committee elections. In this election, the contest for the chairmanship is the utmost concern of the rank and file of the party. For the chairmanship contest, five (5) persons have filed to contest. This includes Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, a former Vice Chairman and the first General Secretary of the party.

An objective and critical analysis of the five (5) contestants reveal that Alhaji Huudu Yahaya stands tall amongst them. He is matchless and but for competition, should have gone unopposed. In the early days and years of the party where decisions were arrived at on a consensus, he would have been the unopposed candidate for the chairmanship and elected accordingly by acclamation.

Be that as it may, the era of stiff competition is the way to go in our current dispensation. And this way of choosing our executives has given rise to ugly politicking within the party as Alhaji Huudu Yahaya is being placed at the centre of vicious attacks of lies, denigration, calumny and what have you.

It is unfortunate that a party that was formed with a vision and a mission to cater
for the vast majority of Ghanaians, anchored on the principles of Probity, – Accountability, Social Justice and Development, have some elements violating its founding principles through the lavish use of money to influence who gets elected into the party’s national executive offices.

From his days as PNDC Secretary for CDRs, as General Secretary, Vice Chairman, as well as the chairman of the party’s Conflict Resolution Committee, Huudu comes as mettlesome man executing his assignments assiduously with respect. Ask any cadre of the revolution, a PNDC member or a party executive member through to the national level and his tenacity will not be missed. The respect he had earned among his counterparts at IPAC cannot be underestimated.

In October 2014 in Kumasi during the last national delegates congress, Huudu took a very painful decision in the larger interest of the party to step-down in order to allow for these same people to experiment the so called north-south proposed debate. Eventually the party went into 2016 elections with this thinking and approach and performed abysmally. The outcome of the 2016 elections is evidence for everyone to see. The NDC delegates must be vigilant enough to see through this hypocrisy.

Because of that singular decision he took in 2014,for one whole month, his house in Tamale was under security protection because his supporters wanted to vandalize it for a claim of betrayal which was false. And some of the perpetrators of this diabolical act against Huudu are in this chairmanship race. What a shame! Indeed, the evil that men do will surely live after them.

Another act of calumny and insensitivity being thrown against the bid of Huudu for the chairmanship position is that Huudu should not be voted for to enable John Dramani Mahama get elected flagbearer since they are all from the Northern Region. This is pure hogwash because NDC has always chosen its leaders based on competence and not place of origin, religion or creed. In 1992 and 1996, the flagbearer and running mate were all from the south, while the co-chairman and general secretary were from the north. Yet the victories the party secured (1992 – 58%, 1996- 57%) are yet to be equaled in Ghana. When has the region of origin of a Chairman decided who becomes a flagbearer? Only last week an aspirant for national position met delegates at Teacher Mante in Eastern Region and was seriously trumpeting this agenda. What wickedness!

Unfortunately for these divisive and tribal bigots, the virtues, values and principles that Huudu gained from the revolution coupled with his personal upbringing will neither allow Huudu to dabble in their kind of politics nor would his values allow him seek to induce and “buy delegates”. We advise the other contestants to allow the party be cast in a different mould to convince Ghanaian electorates that the NDC is a better alternative worth voting for. We all lament the destruction the

influence of money in Ghanaian politics but what is worrisome is how latter day social democrats tum round to dabble in it in an unbridled alacrity. Huudu will . stick to his principles to lead by example and we admonish all other aspirants to emulate his style in order that the NDC’s image remains protected.

Huudu is a rare gem that is unsurpassed by all. He is like an orange tree that bears sweet fruits making it the attraction of stones and sticks thrown at to pluck the fruits.

One sad aspect of this mudslinging of Huudu is that at the end of it all, we will need all hands to come together to prosecute agenda 2020. We are profoundly happy that Huudu, being a unifier is unperturbed by their lack of decorum and is only focused on doing his campaign in a way that will resonate with the delegates and all well-meaning members of the NDC who would not allow their conscience to be bought with money and will not also chose competence over pettiness come
1ih of November, 2018.

Alhaji Huudu Yahaya
Alhaji Huudu Yahaya

Aluta continua!



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