New Curriculum: Reintroduce Agric Science to fight unemployment – Student tells GES

In a letter to the Editor of, Oscar Komla Bedzra, a student of Agricultural Science at the University of Education Winneba, Asante Mampong Campus, argued that the reintroduction of the subject will help fight youth unemployment in the country.

He expressed disappointment at the Ghana Education Service (GES) for not reintroducing Agricultural Science at the Junior High School (JHS) level in the new curriculum.

“We should have rather reintroduced agricultural science instead of introducing a new school uniform. I still can’t understand why the new curriculum has been provided devoid of the inclusion of agricultural science syllabus since we find ourselves deeply drowned in the pool of unemployment,” he stated

He emphasized the relevance of agricultural science to Ghana’s economy that, stating that, “…with reference to a report from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), agriculture has been identified as the main driving force behind Ghana’s economy which employs over 54% of the country’s workforce and accounts for approximately 42% of our country’s GDP” .

For Bedzra, “the government’s readiness to rescue the unemployment situation that has bedevilled the country is incomplete without inculcating the habit of farming as a business among the youth from the junior high school level

“The reintroduction of the subject will go a long way to equip the Ghanaian child with requisite and basic skills in animal rearing and crop production,” he added.

“Why is the much talked about subject not being reintroduced? I can assure the good people of Ghana that, Other political parties will capitalise on this and reintroduce the subject. I can boldly state that the opposition parties will capitalise on that and reintroduce the subject into the curriculum. I am very sure that opposition parties will reintroduce agricultural science into the Junior High School syllabus as part of measures to reduce the unemployment situation since this current government has not done so” – the letter said

He has since called on GES to engage stakeholders and consider his position as it will go a long way to solve a social problem.

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