NIA Boss Blows GHC 36,000 on Private Car Maintenance

THE CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO_ of the National Identification Authority (NIA) Professor Kenneth Attafuah, is spending a whopping GHC36,000 to repair his private Mercedes Benz car he has been compelled to use for his official duties. Apparently, the government had failed to provide an official vehicle for the use of the NIA CEO who was appointed since February 2017 to one of government’s top priority projects – issuance of official ID Cards to citizens.

According to a February 13, 2018 memo from the head of administration and legal compliance intercepted by Whatsup News, the vehicle was taken to the Silver star autos – main distributor of Mercedes Benz in Ghana and the corn miller slapped a hefty bill of GHC GHC 36,064.42 to repair a broken down control board and data processing unit of the Mercedes Benz registered GN 4766-16.

“Sir, the above mentioned vehicle used by Ag. Executive Secretary as his official vehicle has broken down and was lifted to Silver Star for further examination and repairs,” the memo read.

Earlier, the NIA CEO had complained to the governing board of the Authority about him being compelled to use his private car. He wrote to the board in a March 2, 2018 letter saying: “As Chief Executive Officer of the National Identification Authority (NIA), lam to be provided with two official vehicles…as part of my condition of service. However, since my resumption of office in February 2017…, I have had to use my Private Mercedes Benz saloon car with registration No. GN 4766-16 as my official vehicle…”

He said he used the Mercedes Benz alongside an a Nissan Patrol which has broken down countlessly. Prof. Attafuah said in his letter that he drew the attention of the governing board to his plight in February 2018 where he requested that the board treats his private vehicle as his official car.

Investigations by Whatsup News, however reveals that not so long after the National Identification Authority Boss spent ridiculously on his private Benze. The entity doled out a whooping five hundred and fifty thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc5550000) to buy brand new V8 Lancruiser ordered from the factory for his official use. The all sweet landcruiser registered as GR 8918 18 notwithstanding.

Mr. Atafuah’s outfit appears to be facing liquidity floor to speed up its target of providing every Ghanaian with a national identification card. Even more intriguing is that, the Nissan patrol car he claimed to be out of use has now been allocated for his household use.

The two vehicle – the V8 and Benze are all drawing fuel on the state while the NIA is reeling under the no cash syndrome. 

The failure of government providing requisite vehicle to the NIA appears to contradict the premium the Akufo-Addo administration says it wants a national identification as a means of consolidating revenue.

The NIA had hinted of its inability to undertake its tasks as expected after failing to register a single citizen for over four months the NIA has only been able to register 80,000 people from government institutions.

The NIA has been rocked by b financial challenges resulting in some angry staff downing their tools for non-payment of remuneration.

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