NPP Gov’ts sheer wickedness against Ho Disaster Victims!

It has been exactly one week, when our brothers and sisters in Sokode Ando, Bagble and Gbogame in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region were rendered homeless due to havoc caused by the rain and strong winds. In Sokode Ando alone, almost 50 buildings lost their roofing or collapsed entirely. Nearly 50 households have been rendered homeless. School buildings were not left out in the havoc. These details pertain to only Sokode Ando.

Seven clear days after the incident, and several efforts by the Assemblyman, Ericson Danyo to get help from our own National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Ho Municipal Assembly and government agencies for citizens of our Republic, who are at the mercy of nature, not a single help have come their way. The only help has been a voluntary donation of 10 bundles of iron roofing sheets to the affected communities.

If seven days after a disaster, rendering nearly 50 households homeless, NADMO has not supported a single household with relief items, do we still call that one too NADMO? Is this the NADMO, managed by the so-called competent men?

My assessment of this situation leaves me with only one of two conclusions;
i) The Regional NADMO boss, Divine Bosso is discriminating against the people for political reasons. Sokode people don’t vote for NPP. Sokode Ando especially voted en bloc for JM and Hon Benjamin Kpodo. This is the price they are paying for voting for NDC. But they are also Ghanaians.
ii) The staff don’t understand their mandate as Disaster Management Organisation and Relief workers. The two persons who are currently managing NADMO in Volta Region, don’t have a clue, what the organisation stands for. Knowing them well and before NPP appointed them to the positions, their incapacity in first, appreciating the mandate of NADMO, and secondly, possessing the skills set to provide reassurance, material and emotional support to anybody caught up in a situation as we have in Sokode today. Square pegs in round holes.


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