NPP pegs Blood Sister against NDC’s Della Sowah in Kpando for 2024 Parl. Elections

…Ofori-Atta and the Akyem click set to sprinkle Cash for Seat

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Kpando Constituency of the Volta Region as part of its strategies to harvest the votes of disgruntled members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) due to the underperformance and division by the current Member of Parliament (MP), Della Sowah, is set to present the biological sister of the MP and a close ally of the Ofori-Atta family to wrestle the seat from the NDC.

According to The SPYder’s impeccable sources, Madam Setorwu Agbodza, a biological sister of the Della Sowah and wife to one of the brothers of the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta is lacing her shoes to contest the Kpando constituency seat on the ticket of the NPP in the 2024 general elections.

Our sources revealed that, due to the support and contributions of resources by Madam Setorwu to the campaign of the NPP in the Constituency, the party had made incredible gains in terms of votes during the 2020 elections and that, though the party lost both the parliamentary and Presidential elections in the constituency, she has not relented in supporting the grassroots of the Kpando Constituency with her personal resources.

Our sources indicate that, Madam Setorwu is gaining massive grounds in the constituency due to her benevolent and philanthropic activities in the various nook and crannies of the constituency. She has made very important donations to equip the youth and women especially in the constituency. Her activities have made her more attractive to the electorate than her sister, Della Sowah, a 3-term Member of Parliament who has done very little to improve the lives of the ordinary residents of the constituency.

It is also clear from all indications that, Madam Setorwu is a unifier, who is dedicated to the ideals of the elephant party and works diligently with the executives of the party in the constituency. It is incredible that various community galas have been played in her honor to unify the youths of the communities as she continues her developmental drive to take charge of the constituency in 2024.

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Another advantage that comes with the Candidature of Setorwu is her network and connection to the Ofori-Attas. Many of the constituents believe she can easily garner resources and improve the livelihood of the people in the Kpando Constituency and must be seriously considered irrespective of the political party she represents.

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Political Watchers in the constituency are of the view that, Setorwu can easily hurt the fortunes of the National Democratic Congress in the 2024 elections if the necessary steps are not taken now to curtail the gains made by the NPP in the constituency. They are liking the situation in Kpando to Hohoe, where the electorates were dissatisfied with the performance of their MP, however party leadership pushed her down their throat resulting in the loss of the Hohoe seat to the Current Minister for Railways Development, John Peter Amewu.

They are also of the view that, the divisions and cracks created by the 2020 election among members of the National Democratic Congress seems not to be completely healed and that can become a major loophole that Madam Setorwu’s candidature can explore.

“The entire Kpando constituency is yet to conduct their branch elections due to the embargo placed on the election by the National leadership of the NDC until further notice. All these happenings are creating tensions, disunity and enhancing suspicions of manipulation among members of the party,” a political watcher fumes.

Some political analysts are also surprised at the leadership of the NDC in the Kpando constituency, they believe the constituency has very energetic and educated young men and women as executives that must be proactive in enhancing party unity and solidifying the gains made so far by the NDC in the constituency.

One major analysis by the Political Watchers is that, Madam Setorwu’s candidature might suffer a major blow should the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) candidate on the 2024 ticket change.

“A new face of the NDC in the constituency will be a major setback for Setorwu as incompetence inferences cannot be drawn in that regard. They advised the NDC party leadership not to impose or give any candidate unfair advantage over the other as it could spell doom for the fortunes of the NDC in Kpando Constituency.”


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