NPP Polling Station Chairman’s Son Kidnapped at Nkonya

Tension is gradually mounting in Alavanyo; a community in the Biakoye District of the Volta Region following the disappearance of David Addae Aboram, a biological son of Asare Daniel, the Polling Station Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at Nkonya Ahundwo.

David Addae, 34, left home to Nkonya Tayi, on Saturday March 31, 2018, and never returned.

He is believed to have been captured by some assailants at Nkonya Tayi.

In an interview with his father, Mr. Asare Daniel confirmed the disappearance of his son and indicated that, on that fateful day, Addae left home for his farm to check his traps and to see if he could bring something home.

“So that Saturday, he left his hamlet and didn’t return from the farm. Others who are in the hamlet with him brought the news to town on Sunday. We did all we could but till today, we haven’t heard anything about his return,” he narrated.

Interestingly, Mr. Asare Daniel told this reporter that on Sunday in the evening, a call came through to his son’s girlfriend and the person on the other side of the phone introduced himself as Addae, but the lady identified the voice and said that voice was not that of her boyfriend.

“So the person on the line told the girlfriend that Addae has been kidnapped by ‘Sasabronsam’ so if we need him we should come to Alavanyo but they didn’t say the exact location or the particular community that ‘Sasabronsam’ is in Alavanyo where they are keeping him hostage,” his father narrated.

Meanwhile, David Addae’s family later reported the incident to the Biakoye District Assembly as well as the Biakoye and Worawora Police commands, but nothing seemed forthcoming.

Information gathered from police sources is that, both the Biakoye and Worawora police Commanders upon receiving the information that David Addae is being held in one of the communities in Alavanyo went to the Alavanyo township to see if they could identify the exact location and rescue him whilst causing the arrest of the kidnappers, but the police officers were severely stoned by the youth of Alavanyo.

This is making investigations difficult for the police.

However, the police have called on residents to gather more concrete information about the whereabouts of the kidnappers so as to aid quick response in order to rescue him.

The disappearance of David Addae can spark a renewed clash among the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo as information gathered on the grounds is that the youth of Nkonya have amassed in numbers to storm the Alavanyo communities in search of their brother.



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