NPP’s wicked plot against Charlotte Osei uncovered!  

Presidency fingered in fake petitions for her removal.

Exclusive information picked up by this paper reveals the office of the President is directly behind the two petitions filed for the removal of Mrs. Charlotte Osei, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission from her position.

The petitions filed by so-called aggrieved staff of the Commission and another by a faceless concerned Ghanaian, though were clearly in breach of the strict procedures specified in the 1992 Republican Constitution and Agyei-Twum vs. Attorney-General, were nevertheless referred by the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the Chief Justice Ms. Sophia Akuffo with alacrity.

Fresh evidence intercepted from the corridors of power indicates that high ranking staffers of the Office of President, two leading New Patriotic Party Members of Parliament and a senior member of the party who played leading roles in the 2016 elections are directly involved in the grand scheme to kick Mrs. Osei out of office.

According to our sources at the Flagstaff House and the party Headquarters, the petitions are part of a long series of schemes planned to put pressure on Mrs. Osei to either resign from her office or get her forcibly removed from office after they getting the Chief Justice to find a prima facie case against her at all costs.

One of our many sources at the Flagstaff House says: “my brother, what is happening is unjust. What wrong has this woman done? I see none! But my people want to get her out by hook or crook. They fear her. They say she is difficult and will not permit any dubious things to be done to rig 2020 elections.”

He continued: “Look, when we were in opposition, we had the believe that she was specifically appointed by Mahama to steal the election for him. That is why we did all that we did as a party to frustrate her. In fact, we were so surprised that Mahama did not succeed to influence her. This is making us believe she is too transparent and independent minded. She will not compromise at all. She will always insist on the right thing being done. This is definitely not in our interest. That is why my people want to remove her.”

Our source further adds that: “The Old Man and his assistant and the entire party leadership believe her stay in office is a risk to our 2020 plans. They all believe once they succeed in getting rid of her, they will appoint the Chairman who will have a favourable disposition towards the NPP. Everyone on our side is united in the

view that Dr. Emmanuel Akwettey, the IDEG man will help us. You remember the statement he issued recently about the happenings at the Commission? We orchestrated that with him. The good thing is he also wants that job so badly. So he is the one the Old Man wishes to appoint to replace Charlotte. The party leaders have met him several times and he has assured them of his absolute commitment to the course. But seriously, is this fair to the woman? I do not think so. But my friend, if Ghanaians do not rise up against this, if people do not resist this, they will succeed. They will do it.”

This paper has gathered that these forces of darkness who appear to be operating with the tacit approval of the powers that be, are working closely with the four members of the Electoral Commission who have confirmed by the content of their petition that they are NPP supporters.

Our intelligence has gathered further that they meet their pay masters very regularly at a secret office of the NPP within the North Ridge enclave under the cover of darkness to plot their schemes.

The next plots is to publish a series of fake text messages and whatsapp messages purported to have been communications between Mrs. Osei and one of the officers being investigated by EOCO for his alleged complicity in the misappropriation of staff Endowment Funds. Our information is that the fake messages were created by a graphics designer recruited by these evil plotters for the job and have already been given to the Daily Guide and the Statesman newspaper for their next publication.

Our sources indicate that the fake messages are intended to dubiously provide support for the NPP’s persistent claims that Mrs. Osei is biased towards NDC. “It is meant to deceive the public and create more disaffection for her and to neutralize the positive effect of the recent massive endorsement of her work by the United States government through the Woman of Courage award given to her.”

Source: Special News Desk Report || Daily Post


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