Oblempong Wetse Kojo II sets to mourn late Chief

…highlights developmental agenda.

The elders and traditional council of Ngleshie Alata James Town, and the newly installed chief, Oblempong Wetse Kojo II have outlined a developmental agenda that will see a facelift for the fishing community, while setting the tone for the mourning of the late chief, Oblempong Nii Kojo Ababio IV.

Speaking at a press conference, Oblempong Wetse Kojo II, urged the indigenes of the area to organize themselves and participate in community development activities in the area, create friendship, love and togetherness among indigenes of James Town.

“This would strengthen the bond of love and affection among the indigenes of James Town that exist among ourselves,” he stated.

Oblempong Wetse Kojo II reiterated his plans to continue the moves by his predecessor to convert the fishing industry into an ultra-modern establishment and also highlight on some key strategic areas of development including the construction of basic schools, secondary schools, university, and vocational training school in James Town as well as the upgrade of the toilet facilities in the area.

Stressing on the fishing industry, he said, he will lead the modernization of the fishing industry in the town to reduce the unemployment situation among the youth, especially, among the fisherfolks and fishmongers in the area.

“The people of James Town would fill happy and fulfilled if jobs exist and therefore i will do everything possible to create jobs for the youth.

“Fishing is the major employment in James Town and will see a major transformation under my reign” he stated.

The Paramount chief added that, under his reign, he will establish a fishing school to educate the youth on mordern fishing methods and practices in order to maintain the industry as well as make it vibrant.

“As fishing is the main job in the area, i will upgrade the use of canoe to fiber glass vessels with modern fishing methods and also internal cold storage facilities.” he noted.

Oblempong Wetse Kojo II said he will ensure that persons with disability are not left out and that a training facility will be built to enable them useful in the society. He also hinted that scholarship scheme would be established to assist brilliant ut needy students in the community.

He stressed that, since James Town stands out as tourist center, he will focus on tourist attraction through the rehabilitation of old buildings and refurbishment of the harbour in James Town which sets as tourism and re-modernization of the beaches.

“a tourist company would be established in James Town to coordinate the affairs and activities in tourism and also a multipurpose micro-finance company would be as well be established to boost the financial needs of the indigenes.” he reiterated.

He acknowledged the efforts of his predecessor for building a unifying front which has paved way for him to tread on throughout his reign and called for peace and unity among all the traditional authorities and the royal gates.

The Paramount chief indicated that, the late chief,  Nii Kojo Ababio IV,  would be buried before the end of this year and advised all families of Ngleshie Alata to join in the mourning as they arrange for the day of the burial.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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