On 1st May 2020, catch Africa’s biggest digital Voice challenge on G Rock TV

As the world experienced the hit of coronavirus, it will suffice to be known that the corona pandemic also shot Africa to interact more on digital platforms, par example Facebook, and the interactive bracket on social media is the youth. With most countries being hit like China, Italy, America, United Kingdom, mentioning few. It’s not surprising to see Africa, precisely Ghana also goes more efficient, safer, productive and effective on digital platforms such as Facebook, when the nation was also hit and necessitated a lockdown by the President in the third week of March 2020.

Gospel Rock TV (G Rock TV) Africa’s biggest Christian youth television show, a concept of LA MULTIMEDIA in Ghana, with host Francisca Adjei Sarpong, alias Dzo bibi is bent on digging up talents hidden in the fashion of the G Rock TV  Voice Challenge. The digital challenge on Facebook commences 1st May – 31st May 2020 in the traumatizing corona era.

The aim of the voice challenge is to promote social distancing as audition indirectly is held on social media being Facebook and thereby safer, cost, and time-efficient. Most of all is to suppress the psychological traumas the virus has a tendency to imbibe.

For anyone to get into G Rock TV voice challenge, this is how;
  • Search for G Rock TV on Facebook and join for free, now wait for approval.
  • Record a video of yourself singing or rapping a favorite gospel genre of choice in less than 1 minute.
  • Upload your recorded video on G Rock TV and wait for approval.
  • Share video to friends or fans to like or comment.
  • Best five (5) performances based on comments and views will be selected for the finals.
  • Selected finalist will come to the studios of G Rock TV namely LA MULTIMEDIA for acoustic performance.
  • The Videos will be posted back to Facebook and contestants with highest and favorable comments wins a single recording and a video shoot deal nonpayable aided with a 3 months promotion on G Rock TV, Underground TV, and SmilesCelebs.com
Come to think of it, the biblical truth that in all things give thanks to God holds to this situation. We as Africans may not have technologies, hospitals to curb the corona menace but we also believe there’s a God in Heaven who hears and answers prayers. In few weeks G Rock TV believes that Africa will be covered and any nation non-African, if will believe too and continue believing in the Almighty God as well, so to speak maintain safety measures will be covered and healed.

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