On the Public Universities Draft Bill: The V.C’s Must Silence Government’s Totalitarian Intent

Actually i wasn’t going to write about this contentious Public Universities Bill draft, i felt the right people have dealt enough with government on the subject matter.

Prof. Gyampo, Okudzeto Ablakwa, Dr. Apaak, UTAG and others, congrats to them for their vigilance thus far!

Seriously the doses of exposition they have given government for this treacherous conceptions is enough to last government a lifetime and as a gentleman i know i don’t have to hit someone when he is already down…so i will be very kind with this one..

Apparently, what necessitated this particular article, are the “silly” explanations being flown by government communicators left, right, center after these hefty expositions and also one group of people whose voice we are yet to hear express a vivid position on this draft, the Vice Chancellors Union.

And i hope this piece will be strong enough to solicit an official position from the Vice Chancellors to add their voices against this particular defeatist totalitarian bill.

Now, the most useless of all the defenses, i have heard from government officials and their spokespersons is that “this is only a draft”

Okay you threaten to shoot me, i quickly reports you to the Police and your only defense is that the gun powder you will even use to power the gun is still under preparation so why should i be so scared and report the matter to the law enforcement agencies…..eiii!!!

Honestly i struggle to understand how these people think sometimes…(just like the other time one of them was shamelessly telling us Free SHS is Capex)

But in our criminal codes, conceiving criminal intentions is known as “conspiracy” and it’s one of the many ingredients prosecutors use to prove people’s guilt.

Unfortunately in governance, there are no laws that criminalises treacherous policies and government intentions, if there were any, the Minister of Education, the Council for Tertiary Education and all the other drafters of this particular bill would have been under criminal investigations by now for attempting to overthrow Academic Freedom.

But my contention actually is, aren’t we particularly tired of tampering with everything in our Educational Sector???
Aren’t we tired of this back and forth with our education???

Aren’t we hurting the future of our children and the consistency with which they must develop to make them ripe for society???

Now you want to change uniform and curriculum amidst several difficiencies at the basic level which should get more attention in resolving and the only justification for those needless reforms is that “psychologically the kids must know they are transitioning from basic school to senior high”.

(So how about those of us who didn’t enjoy this so called psychological transition, are there any difficiencies in our development they can point out to as the basis for this reform)

How does that improve teaching and learning?
What is uniform to a child studying under trees?
What is uniform to a child with no textbooks?
What is uniform to a hungry child?
What is uniform without effective teacher motivation?

I have called for the Research or Report that was commissioned by government and is informing these reforms to be made public so that we can adequately understand the basis for these reforms.( for now everything makes no sense)

But most importantly we will admonish government to desist from majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors.
We again admonish government to desist from plunging it’s totalitarian claws on everything especially on education.

But most importantly i’d love to hear the Vice Chancellors across the Country come out strongly in the coming days and speak some sense into the thick skull of Government that……
*s3 cmmo aso w’afoforo foforo a, *3nny3 Education so!”*

We live to see where the allegiances of these Vice Chancellors lie in the coming days.
…either with Government or with Education.

I rest my case!!!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

Feel free send me a feedback.

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