An Open Letter to Former President Mahama

Dear Mr Mahama,

I neither endorse any political party nor did idolised any political persona. Yes, once upon a time I wanted to join #Occupyghana against corruption. But soon as it wore a political cloak I mentally switched off. I did once admire the work done in the country by President Kufour and the way he conducted himself, pursuant to having an opportunity to interact with his office for a project. My closest political encounter was when I was pushed by my friends to contest a campus election. I won with sweeping votes but suddenly the same friends were not with me cause I was too idealistic and refused the conventional modes. I was not a happy winner, and being an office bearer witnessed many ugly behaviour and practices and vowed to stay away from politics thereafter.

Today, against all my aversion towards politicians and politics, I am constrained to admire a political leader and that is our former President #JohnMahama#JM#. He seems to have emerged as a visionary with a mission to turn around this country. I am assessing him here since he took over from his boss Prof Mills and took oath as President of our country and oblivious of his past.

Even while taking oath John Mahama exhibited his skills as an inclusive leader and mended bridges with his political contemporaries with his party. Without disrespecting the very senior leaders of his party who still aspired to lead, he emerged against all odds, and took oath with all.

However, my admiration for this man started when he started walking the talk. Over the years we have heard so many political speeches centering towards poverty especially during independence day speeches, the cliche word used by politicians. Whereas, here is someone who knew how to act and mobilize n it only resources but mindset of people too.

Instead of merely floating subsidies and policies, which we have usually witnessed on Independence day. John Mahama talked about toilets, water, etc top on Independence day. A simple basic amenity like toilet, which any leader would have shied away from discussing, JM made it a focal point.

We didn’t know about his long-term objective and his plan, when he introduced the students loan scheme, when he started building the 200 new secondary schools. We didn’t know his plans when he started renovating our airports and harbours, we didn’t know his plans when he established the Exim Bank, We didn’t know his plans when he invested $7 Billion into the oil and gas sector. All the hints were there, but none of the financial wizards even could anticipate his next move, I.e making Ghana the most attractive business destination in Africa.

Ghana is fairly well endowed with natural resources, a deep civilisational culture and history. Nature has been quite kind to Ghana. It is not a victim to devastating foreign armies laying waste to its people and its wealth. And yet Ghana is desperately poor, severely uneducated, and suffers deep divisions along many social fault lines. If we have to Change this sad reality, the first step is to look at it unflinchingly and recognise it. This was exactly what Mr Mahama preached and practice but unfortunately for him and his party, Ghanaians punished them on Dec 7 2016 for being excessively sincere.

His family did not enjoy the privileges ordinarily taken for granted by family of first citizens of the country. We had a President who took bold steps cause he was not facilitating business deals for his children and nephews.

I would like to know more about him and his rise, or anecdotes of his life from him.

Provided he goes with the same vigour and revolutionary visions, I will continue to be his ardent admirer

Evelyn Akosua Gyamfua

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

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