Open Letter: La Land Looting – Return Lands to La Stool

This instant letter is following in the spirit of the last year Valentine's Day meeting which regrettably you have departed from and this Valentine's Day letter seeks to correct,

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The Minister
Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

14th February, 2023.

Dear Sir,


Reference the 14th February, 2022 meeting in your office on the above subject, attended by you, your Deputy in charge of Lands, the Chief Director of the Ministry, my Colleague and I at your instance, I formally make the following requests;

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1. That the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources makes public the Status Report of all State Acquired Lands and in particular La Lands.

i. Lease period
ii. Size of Land
iii. Compensation
iv. Equity [if any]
v. Purpose of Acquisition
vi. Policy on reclamation of Encroached State Lands

vii. Right of refusal by Original Pre-acquisition Land Owners.

2. That the Lands Minister honours his serial promises to Parliament relative to making public THE REPORT ON THE KPLETSO LAND which according to the 2017 La Mantse Petition to the President; is being forcefully, illegally and clandestinely annexed by the Ghana Armed Forces.

3. That the Minister makes public the Report on the Cantonments Civil Aviation Land and the identity of all the illegal developers undertaking construction work on the Land despite a notification to stop work.

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4. That the Minister immediately halts all ongoing construction work on the Kpletso, Cantonments Civil Aviation and the La Trade Fair Redevelopment Project Lands to avert any disquiet as Land matters are very emotive.

5. That the Minister acts in accordance with the Constitution and ACT 1036 in returning all La Lands and is guided by the LAW and FACT particularly, that NO TRADITIONAL COUNCIL OWNS LAND ANYWHERE IN GHANA.

6. That the absence the AN OCCUPANT OF THE LA STOOL, THE LA MANTSE, in no way conotes the absence of the LA STOOL thus any Executive Instrument in respect of any return of La Lands be appropriately routed to the LA STOOL.

This instant letter is following in the spirit of the last year Valentine’s Day meeting which regrettably you have departed from and this Valentine’s Day letter seeks to correct, to avert any disquiet as Land matters are very emotive and therefore refrain from using middle-men or Goro-Boys in Land transactions.

Counting on your prompt attention.

Yours faithfully,


Prince-Derek Adjei

Nii Odotei Adjei
[La Jaasetse]
Akornor We

Cc: Office of the President
Speaker of Parliament
The La Jaase [Stool]
The La Traditional Council
Chief of Staff
Attorney General
Ministry of Defence
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Ghana Tradefair Company
Kowe Development Association [KODA]
Coalition of La Associations [COLA]
La Citizens Network [LaCNet]

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