OPPOSITION LEADER: Is it true that Mahama paid $1 and Akufo-Addo paid $5 to soldiers’ salaries? – Owula Mangortey wonders

I am a Citizen.

I rise to remind the OPPOSITION LEADER
to work extra hard on the hearts and feelings of soldiers and security operatives.

I am producing unedited a concern I received recently:

“@Owula Mangortey. How true is it that Mahama disappointed the military, were (sic) he increased salary by $1?”

“I learnt Nana took advantage and promised $5 of which he has delivered.”

Sir, an erroneous impression is being created that the Mahama administration increased soldiers’ salaries by $1 in 2016 and that President Akufo-Addo is very caring and magnanimous by increasing the salaries to $5.

Truth is so stubborn that it does not give up until it triumphs.

Your soldiers whisper that the tapestry of lies which are being woven in the barracks are not about soldiers’ salaries but rather about soldiers’ operations allowances.

Can you imagine?

Your soldiers whisper that the amount was what the UN had added up to each soldier’s “earned dollar” as at 2016.

According to your soldiers, whilst working towards a holistic upward review of peacekeeping allowances to troops, the Mahama government decided to transfer the $1 dollar plus a new government -borne free Leave Allowance of $800 to each soldier.

Thus, it is erroneous for anyone to create the impression that the allowance was the only addition to the net gain introduced by the previous government.

OPPOSITION LEADER, after careful analysis, I can tell you that it seems there was a gap in communication between the previous government and soldiers on the peacekeeping allowance issue.

It seems unfortunate that what appears to be the interim measures undertaken by the previous government were not explained and or communicated very well.

I respectfully advise that your Security and Intelligence Advisors work hard on the hearts and feelings of soldiers as well as security operatives in the Intelligence community.

Whose responsibility is it to explain to soldiers the other massive interventions by the previous government to the Ghana Armed Forces which directly affect troops including massive improvements in the levels of Contingent- Owned- Equipment and other force multipliers that have added enhanced effectiveness and efficiency in all the theatres?

Some soldiers gladly confirm these massive infrastructural developments.

Some soldiers confirm that It is on record that aside that one-time increment of $5 by President Akufo-Addo, there has not been any remarkable package to troops.

As an example, they whisper that soldiers have not been issued dresses and boots since 2017!

OPPOSITION LEADER, I can tell you that soldiers’ welfare go beyond salaries and peacekeeping allowances.

The state of accommodation, health care, equitable, fair and transparent promotions are equally important matters that must attract your attention as the OPPOSITION LEADER.

Thankfully, there are highly professional Officers and men who can confirm that the fairness of the previous government and the professionalism of the Military High Command in its administration of the Ghana Armed Forces, are important tenets that have sustained high morale.

Over the past few months, I have been asking the President of Ghana and Commander- in- Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces critical questions about issues in respect of operations of the GAF.

Forexanple, I was interested in knowing how the Government of Ghana managed to obtain an End User Certificate from ECOWAS for RAK VENTURES to import US$9,910,800 worth of AMMO in December, 2018?


The UN top Diplomat for West Africa and the Sahel, Mohammed Ibn Chambas, must note that neither the President of Ghana nor the Minister of Defence nor the National Security Minister have deemed it necessary or expedient to respond to the security- related questions of OWULA MANGORTEY, a Citizen of Ghana.

Wnen there is no enabling environment in a constitutional democracy
for Military, Security and Intelligence questions to be asked in camera, they will be asked in public.

What I can tell the OPPOSITION LEADER is that the neglect of the Akufo-Addo government’s core responsibilities towards personnel of the GAF will have consequences.

Soldiers do not talk to strangers, so it is difficult to read their minds as they clamour for an era for the restoration of pride, self- confidence and dignity of the rank and file.

May Ghana experience peace, progress and prosperity.

I Shall Retunr (sic) in 2020.

Insha Allah.

Owula Mangortey
Odumase- Dodowa

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