Oti Region Is a done Deal – Oti Bless

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nkwanta North constituency in the Volta Region, John Kwabena Oti Bless, has indicated that the creation of Oti Region as proposed by the government is not only a fore-gone conclusion, but a done-deal.

Subsequently, no amount of machinations or manipulations by any person, however powerful they might be, and the power they wield can stop the creation of this all-important region, stressing that the creation of the region is a blessing for the people there, besides bringing speedy development to that deprived part of the Volta region.

In an interview with this reporter, the soft-spoken MP indicated that the euphoria, zeal and happiness with which the people have accepted this creation is so high that no-one can stop it “Nobody can stop reggae! he indicated.

According to him, that part of the Volta Region has seen under-development since the inception of the Volta Region. Therefore, its creation will bring a sigh of relief to the people. He indicated that this is not a political victory for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration. This is because, both the NPP and the NDC had plans of creating it in consonance with the constitution.

“What is more, the chiefs and people appealed to the government for the creation and the government sent a commission to assess their plea and all the necessary procedure followed and approved. So, who can stop it at this eleventh hour? He queried.

“Just go to the place to find out things for yourself! He stressed. The reserved MP hinted that not only did he support it, but that to have it fully established he had bought a pick-up for the regional administration.

Source: S.O Amaanah


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