Otiko Djaba briefs Parliament on progress of school feeding programme

The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otikko Afisa Djaba, has assured Parliament that her ministry is doing all that is possible to improve the nutritional content of food served to pupils under the school feeding programme. She said this on the floor of the House on February 15, 2018, when answering questions on the school feeding programme. The Minister said more than half of unpaid catering services inherited from the previous regime has also been cleared.

On shelter for the street dwellers, some of the cities such as Takoradi, Ho, and other big towns throughout Ghana, she said has been identified as a start point for training in employable skills. The kayayei phenomenon would be gradually wiped out by skills training and other development methods,” she stated.

In another development a heated debate on the Special Petroleum Bill virtually tore the House apart with one side of the political divide calling for the bill to be scrapped, taking cognizance of the high petroleum cost to drivers. Majority would like the ill to stay. It however went through its third reading and passed today. 

Source: John Kumado

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