Otiko jabs Bugri Naabu only to be knocked down

Will Otiko Afisa Djaba beat the mandatory count to jump back on her feet to continue the exchanges?

Folks, the vitriolic reaction of Daniel Bugri Naabu (Northern Regional Chair of the NPP) to allegations against him by Otiko Afisa Djaba (Minister of Women and Social Protection) says a lot for me to wonder whether Otiko was seriously vetted when nominated for that post. I don’t hesitate to fault the Appointments Committee of Parliament for passing her. In the light of what Bugri Naabu has revealed, I can conclude that the Appointments Committee did a really shoddy, sloppy work.

Although Otiko had set the ball rolling by bandying those allegations about, the reaction of Bugri Naabu raises eyebrows. For the records, here are the allegations made by him against Otiko (reproduced as originally published):

1. When did Otiko become so rich to pay for 20 rooms for her so-called lady friends in that expensive hotel, what was the impression she was creating with her lavish spending at the place, and she thinks covering every space inside the hotel with expensive vehicles is the best thing a newly appointed Minister should do in her home region?

2. Is Bugri the only person in the NPP who receives goats and sheep as show of appreciation for services rendered?

3. Tell her to refund to the party the money she took from those Chinese in the name of NPP Women’s wing when she joined Dr. Bawumia and others to China
4. Tell her to refund the money she took from Mr. Asiedu in the name of the women’s wing

5. Tell her to stop disturbing marriages

6. Tell her to dress decently

7. Tell her to stop gossiping

8. Tell her to stop selling NPP internal information to our opponents for stipends.

9. Has she soon forgotten the role Bugri Naabu played when someone attempted to rape her in London?

Doubtless, these are serious allegations from someone who is a bigwig in the NPP and cannot be easily sidestepped. In fact, Bugri Naabu has a clout in the NPP and cannot be written off as a nuisance. What he has raised now is damaging. Will Otiko take these allegations lying down? With what implications?

Even as we wait for her response to Bugri Naabu, we are tempted to say that Bugri Naabu’s allegations need thorough investigation. Will Akufo-Addo use this trading of allegations to begin the fight against corruption in his own party and government?

Indeed, I wonder why Parliament’s Appointments Committee couldn’t get wind of what Bugri Naabu has spilt now. For how long has Bugri Naabu known Otiko as corrupt? And why did he not make that information available to the Appointment Committee so Otiko could be grilled and not simply rubber-stamped as a Minister?

This is just the beginning of the wordy warfare. Bugri Naabu says he will speak to the press and reveal more about Otiko. We are all ears!!

Over all, what is unfolding speaks volumes to suggest that there is much wrong with the processes leading to the appointment of public officers.

The corruption that Akufo-Addo is fixated on to eradicate from Ghana is firmly rooted in his own “house”, which means that he has to use this happening to prove that he is ready to fight corruption. It is a serious challenge for him.

Will Akufo-Addo cause an investigation into all these allegations and remove Otiko from office if found culpable? In functional democracies, both Otiko and Bugri Naabu would have resigned immediately. But not in Ghana.

Bugri Naabu has already admitted collecting goats, sheep/rams, cows, etc. from those seeking appointment (whether as MMDCE’s or others in the public sector). And he admits that he is not the only person in the NPP collecting those items. Terrible!!

We will continue to monitor the situation, even as we relish what has emerged so far. The NPP’s “Concert Party” never disappoints. Give us more!!

Source: Dr. M. J. Bokor

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