Our Supreme Court about to be tested real hard!

Folks I have reviewed all your concerns afther my interview on PowerFM this afternoon.

There is no need to worry about the NIA because we are going to fight it at all cost.

Remember the Supreme Court ruling in the Abu Ramadan case, the Supreme Court held that the Passport, Voters ID Card, Drivers License, Birth Certificate are all means of identification as a Ghanaian and therefore qualifies holders to be on the Voters Register.

The Supreme Court held that since the NHIS was a Social Policy, it was possible foreigners living in the Country would also take advantage of it to recieve healthcare and as such may not be exclusive to Ghanaians.

It therefore held that the NHIS card cannot qualify anyone to be on the Voters Register and therefore called for those who have used it as a means of identification unto the Register to be removed from the Register.

Now this Ruling is very Profound, the Supreme Court in this ruling have told us what can be used to Register unto the Voters Register and what cannot be used, so if today the Electoral Commission lays a CI that donot capture all the IDs the Supreme Court has held through its ruling as a legitimate means of identification then they setting themselves up for a long legal battle and we are ready for them.

For those whose primary concern is how President Akufo-Addo has packed the Supreme Court with his stooges, relax!
No need stressing yourself, let’s see how our Supreme Court would eat their own vomit and interpret the Constitution differently from how they have interpreted it earlier in the Abu Ramadan case.

The real test of the independence of our Supreme Court is about unfold…relax enjoy!!!

Ghana b3y3 d3 k3k3….

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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