Over Exposure Of Children To Stardom Recipe For Disaster-Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist Rev. Dr. Dinah Baah-Odoom has bemoaned the rate at which children are exposed to stardom, a situation she said has a serious effect on the child’s growth.

The drive for fame among children can result in serious crisis hence the need to check it, she said.

In her view, stardom affects a child’s emotional growth and also has long-term effects that will impact their development.

She was speaking at a training organized for journalists on Gender-Based Violence, which was organized by Ufeministi Anyidado for Vulnerable Women and Children- a non-governmental organization.

She said because of the nature of show business, child actors are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and sexual abuses.

She opined that children who are overexposed to stardom are at high risk of becoming emotionally unstable.

Dr. Baah-Odoom recounted how a 10-year old boy preached about fornication public transport.

The reverend minister said she was left dumbfounded because, at that age, she did not expect the minor to be preaching about fornication.

She further argued child stars are prone to mental breakdowns and drug addictions and the reason why they break that is that they get used to all the attention that comes with fame, and then suddenly lose it when they grow up.

By: Rashid Obodai Provencal|| rainbowradioonline.com

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