Owula Mangortey writes: AKUFO- ADDO: Your soldiers are murmuring about the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi bourgeoisie

I am a Citizen.

I rise to tell my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo that your soldiers are murmuring about the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi Bourgeoisie.

Respectfully, are you joking with the prospects (God forbid) of a democratic dictatorship of your soldiers?

Section 8(1) of the Ghana Armed Forces Act 105 of 1962 clothes you with full powers as the Supreme Commander of your soldiers.

How come your soldiers are murmuring that since 2017, you have taken your eyes off the supply of their accoutrements, especially their combat fatigue dresses?

How come your soldiers are whispering that even what was issued to them in 2017 were the uniforms ordered by President Mahama in 2016.

How come your soldiers say you have instituted a policy of one-soldier-one- uniform similar to your one village- one-dug out policy?

Your soldiers say that as a Supreme Commander, you must be aware of the importance of unforms to the military.

They say you must know that a good turnout is a soldier’s pride on and off duty. Because, as they say, it is good for self confidence, discipline, command and control, high morale and efficiency.

Your Officers and men know and appreciate how a good turn out on the drill square distinguishes men from boys.

They know the hazards of inappropriate uniforms as any wear and tear can be problematic.

So, my Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo, do you have any reasons for not issuing combat fatigue dresses to your soldiers since 2017, when as Supreme Commander you know that the annual minimum issue of combat dresses is two (2) pairs?

How come under your Supreme Command your soldiers are smarting from negative issues of low moral, low level training for recruits and officer cadets? Is there an explanation for the low intakes?

Your soldiers are murmuring that you are putting the cart before the horse with your proposed 80% monthly pension for Lieutenant- Colonels and below.

On 23rd October, 2018, you caused to be signed a document on pensions with the following Retired Officers and Other Ranks:

1. Brigadier- General Kwame Oppong- Kyekyeku ( Rtd)
2. Brigadier- General Yaw Nyamekye Yeboah (Rtd)
3. Cdre Michael Addison (Rtd)
4. Lt. Colonel Edward Obed Obobi
5. WO1 Daniel Antonio

Your soldiers say your proposed 80% pension in Ghana Cedis which appears below is chicken feed, which regrettably you are using for self-serving political propaganda:

1. Lt. Colonel – 3,294.32
2. Major- 2,884.81
3. Captain- 2,601.62
4. Lt- 2295.72
5. MWO- 2,884.81
6. SWO- 2,601.62
7. WOI- 2,295.72
8. WOII- 2,206.84
9. S/Sgt- 2,110.16
10. Sgt- 2,028.45
11. Cpl- 1,723.70
12. L/Cpl. 1,531.85
13. Pte- 1,413.09.

In A Theory of Military Dictatorships (NBER Working Paper No. 13915) authors Daron Acemoglu Davide Ticchi, and Andrea Vindigi point out that creating a powerful military is a double edged sword for the elite who want to maintain power in, as an example, a democratic dictatorship of Kyebi Bourgeoisie.

One the hand, a powerful military is more effective in preventing transitions to democracy.

On the other hand, it necessitates either greater concessions on the part of the Bourgeoisie or an increased risk of a military takeover.

The authors construct a model that assumes that the means of violence in a society are in the monopoly of the military.

If the elite decide to form a strong military, then they have to live with the political moral hazard problem that this causes.

In particular, a strong military may not simply work as their agent, but instead may turn against them, creating or supporting a regime more in line with its own objectives.

Respectfully, are you thinking along these lines, my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo?

Res Ipsa Loquitur (the thing speaks for itself)

Respectfully, is there a method to the madness of the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi Bourgeoisie in allowing a National Security Advisor and some failed Officers to take over the functions of the Ghana Armed Forces Number 2 Selection Board?

Respectfully, why has the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi Bourgeoisie turned the current Chief of Defence Staff and other Service Chiefs into “post offices” to perpetuate illegalities in the processes and procedures for promotions and appointments of Officers of the Ghana Armed Forces?

Respectfully, is there a method to the madness of the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi Bourgeoisie in issuing ONLY one (1) combat fatigue dresses to soldiers since 2017?

Respectfully, is the democratic dictatorship of the Kyebi Bourgeoisie joking with the prospects of a democratic dictatorship of soldiers?

I won’t tolerate a democratic dictatorship of even Angels.

I Shall Retunr ( sic)

Owula Mangortey
NDC Branch Secretary
Full Gospel Church Branch
Shai-Osudoku Constituency

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