“Papa Nu Community Husband” and the NDC Thieves

When the main aim of a person in life is to drop the “drosses” of slay queens and have the whole machinery of nokofio slaves come to his defense, the Presidency becomes a taboo; a no-go zone for infidels, sexual barbarians, rapists, and East-Legon mansion buyers, the latter specifically to house their slay queens! papa nu

Such sexist sexualists can hardly figure out how to raise a dead economy from the abyss of fiscal interment, let alone give Ghanaians free water and electricity. In the dumpster of Ghana’s neo-history lies a most preposterous statement uttered by an unthinking former President, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, to the effect that “DUMSOR” was due to overcharging of cell phones. Then it followed that Ghanaians must be ready to pay more if they needed stable electricity!

How then can it be argued that a failed former President will handle the fantastic policies of His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo especially in these trying times when, he, out of empathy and solidarity with Ghanaians has been doling out free electricity and water until January 2021 since the coronavirus restrictions came into force? No way! Yet the ungrateful goons in the NDC want the professional Nebuchadnezzar/Jeremiah/Naysayer, John Dramani Mahama, to be voted back to Power. Nonsense mu nonsense! papa nu

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John Dramani Mahama has always been an advocate against Free SHS. In fact, he once emphasized that Ghana cannot be ready to implement Free SHS before 20 years. Today, he is running his kpokpogbligli mouth, saying that he would manage it better. Really? How can Ghanaians give the mandate to John Mahama, who has opposed Free SHS all along when the person who introduced it, Nana Akufo-Addo, is doing a yeoman’s job managing it anyway?

Can he give free hot meals daily to over 600,000 JHS students and their teachers until October? Hello no! Then like a headless chicken stricken by total hysteria he claims that it is not prudent to give freebies! Excuse me Sir, but you heard President Nana Akufo-Addo say in Update No. 15, “We are not providing freebies, we are providing critical help to households, families, and businesses, in the midst of this pandemic, because we care. It is my conviction that, in times of crises, it is the duty of a responsible and sensitive Government to protect the population, and provide relief.”

“Papa Nu Community Husband” and the NDC Thieves
“Papa Nu Community Husband” and the NDC Thieves

Recently, I heard a lady refer to John Mahama as a “pant puller”! Holy shmoly, and to say that this country was in the hands of a reckless bottom-bumping, kungfu-fighting, bribe-taking NDC party that drank out of the devil’s bottle is nothing short of a shameful reality written sordidly on the slates of our nation’s contemporary history. Papa nu John Dramani Mahama and his wife, Madam Lordina aka Ameluka, were all over the place giving free land cruisers as gifts to all those who hymned their tunes notwithstanding the slay queens who received Hyundai i10s for twerking their fake foam-padded hips and unventilated bottoms.

One Landcruiser costs $120,000USD (almost GHs 700,000), so imagine the amount of money spent on hundreds of land cruisers not to mention the smaller cars! Then he claims that giving free food to hungry students is a waste and does not develop a nation! How about giving free land cruisers that cost many times more than feeding the students? What a noisy akonfem! papa nu

If you have ever seen the head office of the NDC party, which cost in excess of $20 million US Dollars that any contractor could put up same for less than $2 million US Dollars, you’d soon realise that the NDC people are thieves of a strange kind that cannibalize on their own. Such people who are capable of perpetrating such monstrosity cannot be entrusted with a nation, and when Ghanaians mistakenly did in 2012, they heard John Mahama claim that he had devoured the flesh and left only the bones which his government soon after also swallowed like the eagle that feeds on bones as a delicacy; “Y’awe nnam aka dompe”! Another obnoxious statement was, “we are still in first gear”! Papa nu

Former President John Dramani Mahama has no message for the 2020 campaign except statements made by concubines, gals, and slay queens. Even the “adwamanline” girls are much nicer! Chai John Mahama abr3! So he spent his time as vice-president and president stripping girls, impregnating and aborting the pregnancies, and getting drunk? Eiish that is serious! The NDC charlatans are now taking cover after Kwamena Ahwoi released a book titled, “Working with Rawlings” in which he made mention of how some babies with sharp teeth were employed by John Mahama to destroy Papa J. Those are the mannerisms of foolish people of a wicked party called the NDC. They can neither keep their zips closed nor their mouths shut!

I do submit in all honesty that if the President of a country is a bull, all the fodder will be eaten and all the cows will become pregnant yet will have nothing to feed on. Selfish and assuming in everything, claiming unto itself glory that just does not belong to a bull on a perpetual chase of a cow’s backside! Papa nu

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Besides, John Mahama’s family seems to be entangled in all manner of immorality, that being just a small side to the many facades of rot and evil that they willfully monger in their daily routine of life many opine to be dishonorable with an array of scandals to create that cocktail of disgust. After all, was it not his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, who gave CEPS some 44 dud cheques, thinking he would get away with this crime as he had banked heavily on the victory of the NDC in the 2016 elections even though he owned a bank?

Was it not John Mahama, who signed off Ghana’s bauxite reserves to his brother Ibrahim just a few days to handing over power to President Akufo-Addo? Are they not thieves then? Was it not John Mahama’s brother, Sammy, who has found himself entangled in the Airbus web of scandals? Was it not his sister, who, basically, was the terror of the road ministry under Inusah Fusseini? Was it not John Mahama who stood accused of bonking the secretary of Alban Bagbin, that man who once campaigned faithfully and loyally for him to become MP for Bole-Bamboi? But John Mahama has no friends! His friends are temporary and must be highly beneficial to him, like his supposed gay partner and financier, Andrew Solomon. Papa nu, Papa nu

By Fadi Dabbousi


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