Pastor calls for Forgiveness and Togetherness at Easter

…As Church goes Gay Easter Monday

The Leader and founder of Faithway International Chapel (FIC), Pastor Mama Selina has observed that Easter is not only a period of self-searching, repentance and togetherness, but also a period of forgiveness.

Subsequently, Christians should learn to forgive one another during this all-important period on the Christian calendar.

She said Christians must do a thorough search of themselves, repent of their wicked ways and turn to God for salvation, in accordance with the Biblical verse, “Seek ye the Kingdom of God first…”

Pastor Selina made this known in an interview on her Easter message to Christians at the church’s premises at Alajo in Accra on Palm Sunday.

She pointed out that being a period of transition from darkness to light, Christians should examine themselves critically, and behave like Zaccheous, who, upon coming into contact with Jesus declared “Behold Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor. And if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I restored it fourth fold” (Luke 19:8).

In a soul-touching sermon that attracted a lot of applause from the congregation, Pastor Obed Duku, basing his sermon on II Kings 5:1-3, and dubbed “Your Problem Serves a Purpose” charged the congregants to be fortitude enough in the face of problems, since God knows all their problems and allows them to go through them (problems) for a purpose.

Pastor Duku indicated that everyone has a problem and that every position has its own problems. Also, everybody has a “But” in his life as happened in Naaman’s case in the verse.

He stated that if Christians consider this fact, they would stop backbiting, blackmailing, envy and jealousy. He charged them to turn away from their wicked ways in order to have salvation. Pastor Duku further charged them to humble themselves in order to receive God’s blessings and salvation.

During testimony time, many were those who lived up to testify to what God had done for them. It was later gathered that at FIC, testimony abounds.


Meanwhile, the church (RIC) has lined up a number of activities to make this year’s Easter Festivities joyous, memorable and accident-free.

Subsequently, the church will on Easter Monday engage in a lot of activities to calm down nerves, passions and anxiety for members, as church administrator, Elder Francis Baidoo put it “All works and no play…!”

According to Pastor Salina there would be a walk, cooking and other competitions with trophies for those who would emerge 1st to 3rd positions in the various cathegories.

She charged members to endeavour to bring along people so as to prevent them from giving in to the beach as well as engaging in unnecessary things which could have dangerous outcomes.

“Invite people so that they will not go to the beach and also engage in unnecessary events. Bring along cooked food to satisfy at least 15 people, so that we will all eat together. I will bring along, myself, cooked food” she said amidst laughter and applause.

Reminiscent with the saying “The success of tomorrow begins today”, the (church) went frenzy when the church administrator mounted the podium to expatiate further on activities lined-up for that day. There was ballotting for the types of food to be prepared that day by various groups, as each choice went with laughter and loud applause.

The administrator hinted that there would be the display of a number of indoor games and winners from 1st to 3rd would be awarded with trophie, which were displaced for all to see.  

Source: S. O. Ankamah

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