Pastor proposes a law to regulate Pastors and Bible Schhools

The General Overseer of the Council of God Church, Rev. John Osei, has called on the government to urgently enact a law to regulate Bible colleges in the country so as to save the ordinary people from fake Bible colleges and fake Pastors.

He said it is the only way to fish out these fake Ministers of God who only seek their own welfare but lack the wisdom to teach and lead God’s flock to the path of righteousness.

In an interview with in his Bronkrong – Afrancho branch of the church in the Ashanti Region, he said

“We have over thousand and one bible colleges in this country who don’t even have the requisite materials to operate as qualified teachers,” he stated.

“He said there are a lot of fake pastors today because of these bogus Bible colleges in the system today and so how can you run a whole diploma course for six months and ordain these student as pastors. It will marveled you to know that some schools train their students for three months and award them diploma instead of an intensive two years course,” he stated.

“Ordaining a pastor into the service of God is the sole responsibility of the church in which the person worships and that is after the church has thoroughly scrutinized the fellow physically and spiritually and are sure the said person has been called by God into his vineyard. The schools has no responsibility to ordain any minister of God but that is what we see today, they are awarding fake certificates and ordaining persons who have not even accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior how can this person preach the gospel to the poor,” he stated.

“I will call on the government, religious bodies and and other stakeholders, especially the national association of Christian bible schools and the national association of ordained Christian Ministers to crack the whip as the need arises by compelling all Bible colleges in the country to apply for accreditation from the national accreditation board where the said schools would be scrutinized to make sure they meet the standard of the status they are applying for”, he noted.

He said it’s time Christians stand up against such acts that are denting the image of Christians.

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