PICTORIAL DELEGATE REGISTER for NDC, “yaaamutu” because somebody has some vested interest to always cheat

The NDC has seen about 3 different national registrations and it’s sad to say that we still haven’t gotten it right to the end

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I am a citizen and an NDC Zealot

I am the son of the Gong Gong Beater

What is stopping the NDC from getting a pictorial delegate register? Who has that vested interest in getting people to vote as ghosts for others?

In this 21st Century with all the technology available, “I beg your pardon”, something must be wrong with some people in leadership. When will we get our internal elections right from Branches up to the National level clean?

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Since 1992 elections the Ghanaian National Voters Identification Card has gone through various forms of improvements to try and eliminate cheating in our general elections.

We as a party have done same to our identification cards but have we done well in executing the process? Nobody seems to tell us the problem now. Currently our branches have uploaded their photos and paid fees but no cards have been issued to them.

The National Democratic Congress has seen about 3 different national registrations and it’s sad to say that we still haven’t gotten it right to the end.

We recently launched a new biometric card but my question today is a lot of people have paid and still haven’t received thier cards.
Why do we do this to ourselves when there are competent expertise around to be tapped into.

Some constituency executives have a vested interest to cheat during the constituency elections so they will not collate and produce a pictorial register.

Some Regional Executives have some vested interest in some of these constituencies so they will not ensure the right thing is done by getting a clean and credible pictorial register.

Some National Executives too will also keep mute only for them to come and sit on committees trying to solve complaints and problems from constituencies delegates list.

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Some Members of Parliament also have vested interest so they will not impress on constituency executives to do the right thing but will observe the rigging machine to cheat during primaries.

Why should some aspirant going into elections suffer to get a delegate list after they have paid their filing fees. They get the delegates list days before their elections whilst others get theirs weeks or months before ?

This practice must stop. We need a system in place to generate a pictorial register from the branch executives to National officers and the diaspora at large.

If in 2022 filing of nominations was done online what else should be the problem to generate a register?

Can’t we give deadlines that if a constituency cannot produce a pictorial register there will be no elections held in that constituency.

What kind of cat and mouse games do we play internally.

It’s about time we got a Credible delegate pictorial register going forward.

Remember the sun will surely rise whether the cock crows or not on the 18th of December 2022 after our National Delegates Conference

The great party NDC will surely be the winner


Tuesday 13th DECEMBER, 2022

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