Place value on your profession – Francis Abban advises Journalists

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“When you start out a journey career wise, your first two years must be driven by passion not money. If you chase money you won’t grow; your value won’t mark up. So the first two years, you must be determined to know how your job works, where the opportunities lie, and how you build yourself to meet these opportunities. By the end of your twenty-fourth month you will be primed and ready to sell your value anywhere and get what you need”.

Francis Abban, Host of Morning Starr, the morning show of Accra- based radio station Starr FM issued this advice to young journalists in the country.

In an interview with Theresa Adezewa Aryeetey, he pointed out that journalism is a calling and therefore individuals who choose that path must have passion for it.

He further advised journalists to first thirst for experience and skills, and also understand the practicality of their profession.

This, he said, will set them apart from other journalists and fetch them a remarkable space in the media landscape.

He added that the drive to excellence shouldn’t be placed on money.

“I can appreciate the conversations about paying journalists well so they don’t become corrupt; but I say flip the coin. If you start as a journalist, your first two years must be driven at improving your value. Theory is great, but if you have the practical know–how people will chase you for what you have. If you don’t have that, your power of negotiating is weak from day one”.

According to Francis it is about time journalists in the country set standards for themselves and worked towards achieving them.

“If you chase money, you won’t grow; your value won’t mark up”, he re-emphasised.

His final advice to journalists with their stories: ensure they set the world rolling, that they carry great impact.

Source: Theresa Adezewa Aryeettey

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