Police to arrest those sharing videos of the gruesome murder of Capt. Mahama

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service has started monitoring social media netwoking sites as well as news websites to track persons illegally sharing videos of the gruesome murder of the late Capt. Maxwell Mahama.

The Cyber Crime Unit say experts have vowed to clamp down on such persons and hand them over for prosecution in a bid to sanitize the system.

The Police Administraion has scheduled a press conference in this regard later in the day.

Under the law individuals who illegally circulate images that violates the rights of another person without his/her consent is liable for prosecution.

Videos capturing the guesome killing of Captain Maxwell Mahama, who was murdered mistakenly has since gone viral on social media sites.

Meanwhile, government has commenced the process of taking off graphic pictures capturing the ghastly killing of Capt. Maxwell Adam Mahama from all social media sites.

According to the Deputy Communication Minister, George Andah government is collaborating with the National Communications Authority, local telecommunication companies, Facebook and Google to remove the graphic pictures.

“There are at least four URL links that have been blocked on youtube and on other social media, however there are a lot these videos and images so whereas some are being blocked other are being brough up. We’re working closely with google, Facebook and again this is something we’re doing proactively.”

Source: mynewsgh.com

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