Police play “Tsaskele” with Chief over his Missing Car

When his Chinese make pick-up vehicle Dongfeng, with Registration number GS 914-10 was towed to the Mallam Police Station on September 14, 2020, pending investigations, little did he know that the car could get missing under mysterious circumstances.

Nii Boye I, Seintse of Gbawe Sakumono, said all efforts to trace the car after it had mysteriously gotten missing from the station has proved futile as they keep on tossing him from one station to another in what he termed a “Tsaskele” or chess game.

Narrating his ordeal to ghananewsonline.com.gh, Nii Boye I, said on that fateful day, he was driving his car via the Police Post at Mallam Junction where he was attacked by a marauding mob believed to be led by one Pampanku, who is also laying claim to be Chief of the area, i.e Mallam Junction and its environs.

Nii Boye stated that in the process, he was dragged out of his car and beaten to pulp and the windscreen of his car smashed by his attackers. He pointed out that but for the timely intervention of the Police, led by one Baba, his attackers would have finished him at the scene.

Locked-Up at Odorkor

The embattled chief told this journalist that his bruised condition notwithstanding, he was locked-up at the station overnight. He said it was later the following day that he was granted bail before attending hospital. But even then, he had to beg for a medical form from the Police.

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Car Towed to Mallam Police Station

According to him, he was heading towards Odorkor Police Station from Mallam Police Station, where he had obtained a police extract meant for the Odorkor Police. He said that on hearing the case, Commander of the Mallam Police Station, Yaw Obeng, had the smashed car towed to the Mallam Police Station in the custody of the Police ever since.

The Chief maintained that on June 4, 2021, he had information that his car was no longer at the station. He said that upon receiving the information, he rushed to the station to find out the veracity but the car was not there. He said when he enquired from the Acting Officer in Charge, Chief Inspector Asamanin (as the substantive, Obeng has passed on to glory), he was told that an order from above had come for the release of the car. Our information was that the car had been released for auction. 

Exodus Oof Tsaskele Game

According to the Seintse, Nii Boye I, popularly known as Adam Nana; with this answer, he went to the Odorkor Police Station and before several officers where, he was assured that investigations would be conducted into the whereabouts of the car. However, two weeks after this assurance, nothing had been heard from the Police.

On a follow up from the Mallam Police Station by our correspondent, Chief Inspector Asamaning told ghananewsonline.com.gh that the car was brought there alright, but had been taken away a few weeks earlier.

He was however tight-lipped about its whereabouts, saying that he cannot make any comments on the car. He nonetheless directed us to the Odorkor Police Divisional Unit. There too, the Commander Apenteng and the Crime Officer denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the car. According to the Commander, the only case he was aware of, was the one involving the Chief and one Pampanku, which is pending before a court at Weija. He claimed that it was the first time he was hearing about the car issue.

Meanwhile, at the Mallam Police Station, we were directed to the Audit Unit of the Regional Police Station in Accra. At the Audit Unit, we were once more directed to the MTTD. There, the Commander, Martin Ayii told us that an auction exercise took place last month.

The Commander indicated that, the auction comprised cars impounded at their yard for over five years without their owners showing up. According to him, no car from outside was involved in that exercise. Also, he said no pick-up was involved in that auction exercise.

We have independently moved from the Mallam Police Station to the Odorkor Divisional to Regional Audit Unit, to Regional MTTD Command, but there is no trace of the car.

The question then is, “where is the Chief’s car, which has mysteriously gotten missing from the Mallam Police Station, since June 3,

…More on this soon

 By S. O. Ankamah || ghananewsonline.com.gh





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