Police Service upset with Soldiers and Security Agencies over lawlessness

A COMPLAINT note intercepted by the DAILY HERITAGE reveals that the hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service is upset with some members of the Ghana Armed Forces and other security agencies who have no regard for the laws of the country and are flouting them with impunity.

The correspondence, which was circulated to all the security agencies and signed by ACP David Eklu, the Director General of the Police Public Affairs, revealed that security personnel in the country are the worst offenders when it comes to road traffic regulations.

The Ghana Police Service warned colleagues in uniform to avoid lawless acts such as jumping the red light and unnecessary use of sirens among other offences.

“Dear colleagues, please be informed there is an ongoing exercise by the police to check various acts of lawlessness, especially driving on the shoulders of the road during rush hours, jumping the red light and facing oncoming traffic, unnecessary use of sirens etc.

“Most of the offenders arrested during a special exercise along the Cantonments Post Office road last Monday were colleagues in uniform.

“It will be greatly appreciated if you inform your officers to refrain from this to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary confrontation with our traffic officers. Warm Regards to you all,” ACP Eklu stated.

Men in uniform men most guilty

Confirming the correspondence to all security agencies, ACP Eklu told the DAILY HERITAGE that colleagues in uniform were those arrested during a special exercise undertaken by the police in Accra last Monday by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service.

“We have observed that our officers in uniform across board are sometimes the guiltiest and in fact what I did was that I informed all the Public Relations Officers in the entire security setup to warn their officers to set good examples because they are not portraying good image; we should be in the lead or respect road traffic regulations,” he stated.

He pointed out that no one is above the law and “if they continue to do this, the law will catch up with them.”

Abuse of sirens

The paper’s checks further revealed that there were other individuals who also abuse the use of sirens and flout road traffic regulations with utter disregard.

Explaining further, ACP Eklu said the Road Traffic Regulation 2012, Section 74 specifies the list of institutions and vehicles that are qualified to use sirens.

He mentioned them as government and police vehicles, motor vehicles used by the Fire Service, motor vehicle used as an ambulance by a hospital or clinic, other recognised government security agencies and bullion vehicles registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority.

He specified that “these are state vehicles, so it doesn’t mean that if you are a police officer in a private vehicle you can use the siren.”

Source: Rosemond Adjetey || Daily Heritage 

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