Police set date to flash out Wee Smokers in Tamale

The Tamale Metropolitan Assembly has begun to clamp down on wee smokers who have made a forest reserve there their haven.

They have set aside 2nd October 2017 to flash out those involved and deal with the youth especially whose habit was recently captured and widely circulated on social media.

In an exclusive interview with our Northern regional correspondent, Isaac Nongya, the Assembly’s Public Relations  said the exercise has the blessing of some prominent personalities.

“This exercise we are embarking on has the full blessing and support of the Metropolitan Security Committee, chiefs, religious leaders and all the opinion leaders in Tamale. We are serving a notice that all places that have open space for public convenience or dumping refuse, that people have resorted to use for smoking, all activities there must cease. We have heard reports that portion of the forest have been used as a place for the selling and smoking of Indian hem which is unacceptable to us.”

On investments, Issah Musah hinted of plans to convert the forest reserves into a recreational and tourism facility.

“We are blessed to have this forest, the long term plan of the assembly under the Mayor is to make it a tourist area for recreational activities. Fencing the forest is not a bad idea, but we first need to put it to better use, then all other measures will follow.”

Source: myxyzonline.com

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