Did these Politicians mastermind Capt. Mahama’s Murder?

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A statement by the Ghana Police Service about investigations so far into the lynching of late Capt. Maxwell Mahama has left the public wondering about glaring non-mention of the connection of political leaders of the Upper Denkyira area to illegal mining, aka galamsey.

The leave-out sticks out like a sore thumb as it indicates that the police investigation may pass over bigger fish that ought to be hooked out for the dastardly murder of the young Captain.

The press statement by the Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police, DCOP Bright Oduro, confirmed that William Baah, the Assemblyman for Diaso, had indeed led the murderous charge against the late Mahama, but information that the man was motivated by his being a galamseyer was not commented on.

In the face of that omission many Ghanaians are wondering why, as more allegations about the involvement of the political class in the area emerge.

The statement by DCOP Oduro, though had clarified that Capt. Mahama was indeed the commander of a detachment in Diaso, to fight galamsey.

The clarification makes nonsense of earlier claims by the District Chief Executive for Upper Denkyira West, Daniel Apianning, that the late Captain had been there protecting Chinese galamseyeers.

The clarification by the police has also made nonsense of the earlier claims by the Assemblyman for Diaso, William Baah, that the deceased had been mistaken for an armed robber.

The development has now heightened suspicion that the late Captain had been killed on purpose for fighting against galamsey and that people with interests in illegal mining in the area were masterminds.

It has long been rife on social media that all the political heads of Upper Denkyira West, from Member of Parliament, to DCE through to Assemblyman, have galamsey concessions in the area. And all the political heads are NPP.

Many Ghanaians are angry about the neglect of the galamsey angle in the investigation of the police, interpreting the leave-out as a deliberate ploy to tip-toe around the main reason behind the dastardly murder of the late Capt. Maxwell Mahama.

The Republic is informed that the MP for the area, Samuel Nsowah-Djan, DCE for the area; Daniel Appianing and the Assembly Member, William Baah, are all owners of mining concessions in the area where the late Captain was fighting illegal mining.

Interestingly, immediately after the dastardly murder of the late Capt. Mahama, the DCE, Daniel Appianing, had rushed to say on radio that the soldier had been protecting Chinese illegal miners.

His claim had followed an earlier claim by the Assemblyman for the area that the late Captain had been an armed robber.

Poignantly, Daniel Appianing is the ruling NPP’s former Constituency Chairman for Upper Denkyira, while William Baah is a former NPP branch Secretary for Diaso. MP, Samuel Nsowah-Djan, is a former Presiding Member of the District Assembly.

With all three of them allegedly owning galamsey concessions in the area, the lynching of Captain Mahama, who was there to fight galamsey, has left thick suspicion in the air. More so, when President Akufo-Addo had only recently started a clampdown on illegal mining as President, after promising on the 2016 campaign trail to never stop galamsey.

With galamsey being a major source of employment in the Denkyira Obuasi area and also a major source of enrichment for Akufo-Addo government regime actors, the u-turn to fight it had incurred a lot of anger from the townsfolk.

It therefore came in very poignant when it emerged after the dastardly murder of the late Captain Mahama that the Assembly man for Diaso, William Baah, actually kept guns in his house.

Mr. Baah, according to the official police narrative, had received a distress call from a snail seller, who had alleged that the late Captain was an armed robber, and without crosschecking, led two other people to accost him and start a brutal attack that culminated in an eventual lynching.

In the wake of the murder, Daniel Appianing, the DCE for Upper Denkyira West, had also told the media that the late soldier had been a defender of Chinese illegal miners.

As the truth emerged that the late Captain was rather there to fight illegal mining, Mr. Appianing has stood out very smelly with suspicion about the murder of the military man.

Especially so, when, as DEC, he is the head of the District Security Council (DISEC) and as head of DISEC he was supposed to know about deployment of security people to his area of jurisdiction.

The fact is that, military or police operatives who are assigned to security duties in any community are never deployed without a first official alert to the political heads of the given area, starting with DISEC, in the case of Upper Denkyira West District.

It therefore came as a huge surprise that the DCE would go on radio and claim that the murdered Captain had been defending Chinese galamseyers.

In the case of the Assemblyman, it is alleged that he knew of the presence of the military detachment in the area fighting galamsey and that he had even met the late Captain Mahama after the young captain had replaced a predecessor leader of the anti-galamsey detachment there.

It is said that William Baah had also summoned the leadership of the military detachment, including Captain Mahama, and that at that meeting, which had taken place the very morning that Cpt. Mahama was lynched, he had demanded the release of some galamsey equipment that had been seized.

As various issues emerge, questions have also bounced to the fore as to why the previous leader of the detachment had been changed in the first place.

So far, however, suspicion is very rife that the late Capt. Mahama’s murder had been premeditated with his fight against galamsey as motive.

The MP for Upper Denkyira West Constituency, DCE for Upper Denkyira West District and the Assemblyman for Diaso, are all alleged to be owners of galamsey concessions in the area.

The police’ seeming fixation away from the galamsey angle has left question marks in the air.

The murder of the late Captain Mahama had happened at a time of unprecedented impunity under the Presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo, with Invisible Forces, a goon squad of the ruling party, attacking a police officer at the Flagstaff House in broad day light.

ASP Nanka Bruce had been set upon by members of the Invisible Forces, on the 9th of January, just two days after the investiture of President Akufo-Addo on the 7th of January, and beaten him while a car he was driving was yanked from his possession.

Following the leakage of a CCTV footage of the attack, another military officer, had been victimized as he was accused of leaking the footage and detained in guardroom at the Burma Camp for two days without food.

As the prosecution of the Invisible Forces is ignored by the regime, the Delta Force, another goon squad of the ruling party, struck in Kumasi, attacking the Ashanti Regional Coordinator of National Security by beating him up and hounding him out of office.

Mr. George Agyei’s crime was that he is deemed not to have merited his appointment because he did not fight with the ruling NPP from the trenches. Following public outcry over the attack, 13 members of the Delta Force were arrested but as the government moved to prosecute, the MP for Assin Central, Ken Agyapong, went on radio to warn that he would go on a demonstration against his own government if the suspects were jailed.

According to Agyapong, members of the goon squad had been in the frontlines of the campaign to get the NPP elected into office.

The MP’s open condone of the violence of Delta Force emboldened other members to attack a Kumasi Circuit Court where the 13 were facing trial, overthrow the court proceedings, assault the trial judge and then free their members.

Amidst public uproar and condemnation by the United Nations, it soon emerged that after their arrest, members of the Delta Force had met with MPs of the ruling party, including Ken Agyapong, and obtained assurance e that their prosecution would not go anywhere.

Soon, true to prediction, the Attorney General’s Department filed nolle prosequi in the case. The Delta Force goons have ever since been walking free.

Source: Fiifi Samuels || therepublicnewsonline.com


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