The Poor Mobile Network Services in Assin South Communities, a Humble call to Renowned Politicians to give back to Society

As an avid writer, I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end. That’s my activism. My constituency deserves the best. The youths can achieve their goals if those who have taken the lead, have the interest and welfare of their communities at heart.

I will like to take this opportunity to applaud His Majesty NANA PRA AGYENSEM the Chief of Owurankyiman Traditional Area of Assin Kushea.

Nana is an epitome of Leadership, Chieftainship and Patriotism. How I wish politicians emulate your ways. God bless you for abhorring selfishness and giving the best you can to your community. We pray you keep stretching your arms to your constituency and to the entire nation. Amen!!

Now to the Caption of necessity; today, more and more Mobile device users are constantly using their gadgets to connect to the internet and stay online. I can assert that, internet connectivity on mobile devices is now more of a necessity than a luxury.

In this 21st century, man can’t be rich without networking. “Networking is an essential part of building wealth” (Armstrong Williams). Truly to be rich in this century, one needs to have good access to a mobile network. Network service has become a powerful contributor to economic growth.

Gaining access to the Internet anytime and anywhere is the goal of purchasing a mobile Internet service. It is expected that one can go online with digital devices and enjoy various services available on the Internet, which brings much convenience to life.

An instant messenger supported by mobile Internet services allows us to go online and stay in touch with our friends at all times.

Mobile Internet services enable us to stay in close contact with partners at work. While we could only check emails at office in the past, we can now send and receive emails by mobile phones anytime anywhere now. If your handset supports “Push Email” function, new emails will automatically come to your handset upon their receipt through your mailbox so that you won’t miss any business opportunity.

Moreover, we can stay connected with our friends or partners at work via instant messaging software. Communication of words, voices and images can be enabled with the activation of instant messengers on both sides. Files can also be exchanged when necessary. Such communication is very convenient but unfortunately its comfort rest on mobile networks.

The problem now is “poor mobile network services” in Assin south communities. In this era, it’s an overwhelming surprise and strange to see one climbing hill, coconut tree, or travel to strong mobile network areas before having access to calls and internet. This is more or less preposterous, ludicrous and outrageous. Absolutely irrational! It is blatantly doom and the constituents sometimes peeve to face such challenges in this age.

Assin Kushea was in the same turmoil, but due to the intelligence of Nana Pra Agyensem, he thrived to lobby 3G mobile network for his people.

3G offers much faster data transfers, up to speeds as high as 2Mbps.

Developers can use this network to create maps and positioning services, which are regularly accessed by the younger population.

This network also offers powerful multimedia services. With this, you can develop apps such as online billing systems, video conferencing and so on.

Those wishing to develop visual voicemail apps will be much at ease to work on the 3G network.

The youth of today are addicted to social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. That’s where they do learn and entertain themselves. I believe the youth in my constituency should not be left out. They need to know what is transcending in world. Through technology the world has become a global village and they need to experience a part of that.

But the absurdity is the poor network services. We thrive to get good network for Facebooking, WhatsApping, Twittering and even calling.

A friend parents from Assin Nsuta was complaining bitterly how they strive to get access to network before calling their ward who is now schooling outside. I wept as Jesus did.

I wish to end this crisis by lobbying for 3G Network for the communities with poor network coverage. As a social advocator, I have taken the pride to escalate such network diseases my town ASSIN NSUTA and other nearby communities or towns. We need a permanent antidote to cure it.

“Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence”.

Hence I humbly call the Honorable MP for Assin South Constituency; John Ntim Forjour, the past MP Hon. Dominic Fobih, the Senior Minister Nana Osafo Maafo, Chairman Putin, et al to sincerely help combat this baffling problem before we drown into the deep sea.

My humble plea!!!




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