President Akufo-Addo agrees with Obiba … Political coloration is wrong

Just a week after highlife musician Obiba Sly Collins released his epochal ‘Why Africa’ single, President Akufo-Addo has agreed with the musician that political colouration is not good for the body politic as it has turned former bosom friends against each other because each believes his political party is the best and therefore cannot do any wrong while the other believes his friend’s party is too corrupt to rule the nation.

Speaking at last week’s Meet the Press session at the Jubilee House in Accra, the president said there was the need to strip away the hypocrisy in local partisan elections.
To him, it was continuously baffling that at the national level party politics seem to be working as the country has had three changes of government through the ballot box in this country.
Though the president admitted that there have been difficulties in these exercises ” we have been able as a people to use the ballot box to change government on a multi-party basis …”

Sly Collins in his single Why Africa he asked why is the blood in every human being red not black or white? The answer, he postulated, is to alert us to the greatness of God and that means we should not allow skin or political colouration or ethnic leanings to deceive us.

He continued that we should not allow religious conspiracies too to deceive us even though we have different skin pigmentation the fact remains that no matter who you are death being the final leveler does not discriminate based on party affiliation, tribal leaning or skin colour.

According to Sly Collins all believers in this axiom must love each other here on earth while we leave judgment in the hands of God who created all of us,” he asked in his song which is enjoying a lot of airplay on the local radio stations.

Concluding, Obiba Sly said he was elated to hear the president repeat his thoughts which he believes is necessary at this time as it is meant to bring happiness into the heart of all citizens.

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