President Akufo-Addo, stop deceiving yourself – there will be consequences if the 2020 election is rigged

President Akufo-Addo is suffering from self- deception to think he can win the 2020 presidential election in spite of his abysmal performance and widespread rejection by Ghanaians. It is unfortunate the President cannot read the clear handwriting on the wall, even as demonstrated by the low reception he receives in his regional tours and his handlers will not tell him the prevailing reality. We know that the President, his IT specialists and some EC officials are banking on manipulating the electoral processes to foist themselves back to power by depending on their allies in the EC to assist them manipulate the process

What the President and his cohorts have failed to come to terms with is the uncompromising resolve of Ghanaians across the country, particularly the youth who were deceived in 2016, to resist any form of rigging in 2020.

It is shocking that on the face of this gargantuan failure of governance leading to collapse of banks, collapse of businesses, falling cedi, hunger and starvation, unemployment and corruption, nepotism and cronyism, killings, President Akufo-Addo is more concerned about a selfish agenda of rigging the next election to impose himself on a people who have become despondent of his leadership.

By his remarks recently, when he boastfully claimed that he will win the 2020 election by more than 1 million votes, the President demonstrated that he cares less about the hardship Ghanaians are going through, the nurses at home, the doctors, the unemployed youth. He is only concerned with winning the next election. This is the leader who came into office on the plank of promises of ending borrowing, fighting corruption, one district one factory, one village one dam, $1million for each constituency annually, will bring economic prosperity, no family and friends government.

The President has not only failed on all fronts, he is spearheading corruption in his government, abetting harassment and intimidation of innocent citizens and bringing back the culture of silence. He has taken over all state institutions and manipulating them from his bedroom.

Ken Agyepong, their vigilante groups and some aggrieved supporters of the NPP have told us that you rigged the 2016 election. He warned the party to dare him and also warned them he will expose how the party manipulated the 2016 election. Check our electoral results from 1992 and would see serious anomalies with the 2016 election results. The President and his dysfunctional NPP must be advised to stop misleading themselves and their fanatics about the possibility of staying a day beyond January 7, 2021, as they cannot and can no longer deceive or coerce Ghanaians to submission.

The NPP has not only failed, but has disappointed millions of Ghanaians it will therefore not be a surprise if the party is trounced heavily in the 2020 elections. Seeking votes in the name of Akufo-Addo who has disappointed many will only escalate the party’s problems.

Where is he going to get the thousand votes? We know what happened in 2016 but thank God the sitting president then considered the interest the nation above all other interests and acted as true son of the land. The intelligentsia is aggrieved too, people who vehemently condemned Mahama administration and saw Nana as an angel incarnate have started attacking his government vehemently.

All the polls conducted by some media houses including TV3, Myjoyonline, Peacefmoline favoured the NDC. The Npp got below 45% in all the polls signalling the masses perception about the Party after almost two years in office.

The battle is no more the Lord’s..power has eaten up the President. But he must be assured that no one will obstruct the liberty of Ghanaians to choose their next President in the 2020 election. The scary truth is that there will be consequences if the 2020 election is rigged. If the President is relying on assurances and plans designed by his IT specialist, then he better wake up before he is consumed by vigilance and reality.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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