President Akufo-Addo, stop lamenting and go to John Mahama for Governance Tutorials

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The whole lamentation about an empty treasury is beginning to grate and rile. It’s beginning to sound like a ready made excuse for failure. The point is Ghanaians are fed up and tired of hearing about problems. They want the President who promised them Mecca to fix those problems he mentioned in opposition without reminding them how bad things are, all the time.

They want solutions to problems the President and his party told us exist. Soon the Akufo-Addo government will be two years. So far it’s been 18 months of blaming John Mahama. If you ask the spare parts dealers at Abossey Okai who contributed funds towards the NPP campaign, they just want their today to be better than their yesterday not cheap rhetoric and repetition of stories they were told on campaign platforms. If Ghanaians wanted a lamenter in chief, they would have gone for a contract crier. Those who voted against John Mahama, did so because they longed and sought for the new day promised them by Akufo-Addo and his Npp. You don’t create that new day you promised the good people of Ghana from moaning about problems.
Good leaders, like steel, are forged in immense heat. Good leaders are made in times of crisis and upheaval. President Mahama inherited crisis. He inherited the single spine salary scheme, power crisis, unemployment crisis. The country went through these crisis at the time the global economy was in partial recession because of the low oil prices. He managed a non oil economy. Drivers and commuters were agitating for good roads, heads of schools were agitating strongly about dilapidated buildings and low salaries for teachers. The TUC and other Labour organizations were breathing on his neck for salary adjustment. For 8 good months he was in court over the petition case. Investors suspended their operations in Ghana because of the petition. In spite of all these challenges, he revamped the economy, built massive roads, hospitals, schools, renovated our ports, developed the telecommunication sector, invested heavily in the gas and oil industry, got us the Atuabo gas project which is saving Ghana Ghc 500 million annually, improved the NHIS and built close to 3000 chps compounds, started revamping the railway sector, supported some local companies with funds to help them increase production, supported the poultry industry with funds, supplied free fertilizer seedlings to cocoa farmers. Apart from these landmark achievements, under Mahama, Ghana was rated number one in the sub region in terms of human development index and was rated the best place for doing business in the sun region. Ghana was rated second only the South Africa in electricity expansion and supply in Africa. These are the things we expect from our leaders not platform lamentations, criticisms, comparison and baseless complaints.

The President must be told that, propagandists will never survive credibility. He should give honour to whom it is due. John Mahama performed more better than Akufo Addo in the 18 months assessment. John Mahama is the Best President in the fourth republic. A man who built over 3000 new schools to reduce the schools under trees phenomenon, completed close to 70 out of the 200 new secondary schools he started, built district hospitals, renovated our ports, constructed new roads renovated old ones unprecedented in the history of Ghana, converted our pyrotechnics into universities, completed a the Health and Allied Sciences University new campus, renovated our ports and constructed new airports, provided potable water to many communities etc. He did all these within four years. I agree that John Mahama did not solve all the problems confronting Ghanaians. Now let President Akufo Addo start one project and complete it. Not the project of buying 275 customised buses for Npp constituencies, not project of squandering millions of dollars in the name of fighting army worm, not project of giving party Ghc 50 million for party congress, not project of introducing free Secondary education with no policy guideline but tangible projects then we will know how serious he is in governance. Government is a continuum. The problem with the current president and his zombies is that they don’t want to recognise the contributions of the previous administration but feel comfortable relaunching, recommissioning projects it started and completed.

Instead of condemning John Mahama, President Akufo Addo must rather thank John for keeping him busy with his projects. Since he assumed office, it has all been commissioning of Mahama projects and taking credit for Mahama’s projects including the Wa water project, the Ho and Kumasi airport construction and renovation, the ridge hospital, the Kasoa interchange, the renovated ports, the Pokuase interchange. Apart from these projects the Akufo Addo administration has taken delivery of some loans contracted by the Mahama administration including the Canadian loan for the agric sector, the JICA facility etc.

The President was “bragging” at the conference that the world bank has projected high growth in the economy but deliberately refused to tell us why the world bank made that projection. The world bank in its 2015/16 report on Ghana’s economy, made that projection based on the heavy investment the Mahama administration made in the oil and gas sector. President Akufo Addo is enjoying a comfortable ride in town because of what his predecessors bequeathed to him. He is enjoying

-A stable power supply as a result of heavy investment John Mahama made in the power sector

-Agitation about bad roads has reduced considerably because of the massive road construction by the Mahama administration.

-The Atuabo gas project saves Ghana Ghc 500 million annually

-Mahama handed over 70 completed secondary schools to him to support his free Secondary education project

-More airlines have started operating in Ghana as a result of the renovation works done at the ports by the Mahama administration.

-Agitation for potable water has reduced because of the water projects implemented by the Mahama administration.

Loans for all the projects the President is making noise about were contracted by the previous administration. Designs and other preliminary works were done by the previous administration.

Let us,tell the President the truth. During the time of Mahama, things were going on well, money was circulating and businesses were going on well, no company folded up, there were vacancies every where and food was affordable.

The President should stop hurrying over Mahama’s achievements. The more he condemns John Mahama the more he invokes curses on his administration. He commission’s projects implemented by Mahama and at the same time condemn him whenever he gets the opportunity.

Mahama will never endorse what Freddie Blay did. He will not support such a sinful move by a politician in his party. He will not support a party executive with a whopping amount of Ghc 400 million just because he doesn’t want some faces around his table.

Mr President, your attempt to clean tainted apparel with John Mahama’s powerful image will not watch. It is one huge mountain you cannot climb. Focus on your clearing agent job but as along as our Lord lives, we shall see you off peacefully in 2020

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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