PRESIDENT MAHAMA: Will you address concerns about regional and ethnic balance in MILITARY appointments? – Owula Mangortey asks

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistleblower with a known face and address.

I rise to ask the highly respected PRESIDENT MAHAMA whether he will address concerns about regional and ethnic balance in promotions and appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces.

As you are all aware, the current President and Commander-in-Chief is grappling with what to do about THINGS FALL APART in command, control, loyalty and discipline in not only the Military but also in the other Security Services.

Currently, there are tense moments in the Ghana Armed Forces as President Akufo-Addo contemplates smash-and-grab tactics for solving the obvious cracks and schisms among the Military High Command, Officers and the Rank and File.

Your Excellency President Mahama, reliable sources, with knowledge of the issues, whisper that the current Commander-in-Chief
is contemplating the following appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces:

(1). Commodore Yakubu to be appointed Chief of Staff GHQ.

(2). Current Army Secretary, Colonel Agyeman Prempeh, is to be promoted and appointed as the Military Secretary (MS).

(3). Brig- General Awitty, current Director- General Personnel Administration (DG PA) is to be appointed the Commandant

(4). Current Military Secretary, Air Commodore Appiah Agyekum is to be appointed the DG PA.

(5). Colonel Mustapha (sidelined at Defence Intelligence as Deputy DG) is to be promoted and appointed Director General Inspector- General’s Department

(6). Brig-General A.K. Adu is to move from the Inspector- General’s Department
to become Deputy Commandant MATS

(7). Maj-General Omane-Agyekum is slated to be retired.

Your Excellency President Mahama, one major concern of your soldiers is the issue of regional and ethnic balance in appointments and promotions, which Officers and Men expect you to address when you are sworn into office on 7th January, 2021.

One of the often cited examples of recent lack of merit in promotions and appointments is the situation of Colonel AKOU-ADJEI, a former Commanding Officer of the Armoured Recce Regiment.

He is reputed to have won several awards, both home and abroad, and is an alumnus of the prestigious US Army War College.

Some of your soldiers have continued to ask whether the list below is a fair representation of eligible appointments of Commanding Officers in the Ghana Army on regional and ethnic balance lines:

(1). 1Bn …… Lt. Col. NYANTEH

(2). 2 Bn …… Lt. Col. ATULUK

(3). 3 Bn …… Lt. Col. KWARTENG

(4). 4 Bn …… Lt. Col. PEPRAH

(5). 5 Bn …… Lt. Col. ODEI

(6). 6 Bn ….. Lt. Col. BOAMAH

(7). 64 Inf. Regt …… Lt. Col. OWUSU

(8). Armed Recce Regt …… Lt. Col. ACKAH

(9). 66 Artillery Regt …… Lt. Col. PANTOAH

(10). ABF …… Lt. Col. DARKWAH

(11). GMP…… Lt. Col. ADDI.

Your Excellency President Mahama, your Officers and Men await your views on whether you intend to address the thorny issue of regional and ethnic balance in promotions and appointments into the Ghana Armed Forces.

Respectfully submitted.

Owula Mangortey
10th February, 2020.

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: ghn[email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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