Different Total Valid Votes Figures of the 2020 Presidential Elections that Jean Mensah/EC has put out

  1. 9th December, 2020 declaration of Presidential Election Results by the Returning Officer, Jean Mensah- 13,434,574

  2. 10th December, 2020 unsigned press release published on EC’s website- 13,119,460

  3. Paragraph 24 of the 1st respondent’s (EC) answer to the Petition- 13,121,111

NB: note that all these different figures relate to results from 274 constituencies at the time of the declaration of the Presidential Election results on 9th December, 2020 (excluding Techiman south)

  1. Collated total valid votes from the summary results sheets of 275 constituencies (including Techiman South) published on the EC’s website- 13,218,633

NB: Note that per the Techiman South summary results sheets, total valid votes was 97,227. It’s therefore baffling how total valid votes relative to 275 constituencies as captured on EC’s website should be 13,218,633. Because if you add 97,227 to any of the three (3) different total valid votes figures based on 274 constituency results (13,434,574 or 13,119,460 or 13,121,111) you will not get 13,218,633.

The importance of the total valid votes figure in any Presidential Elections cannot be the over-emphasized. It’s the constitutional and common denominator for determining the percentages of votes obtained by each of the candidates. It’s accuracy is therefore crucial to credibility of the results.

The inconsistent total valid votes figures the EC’s itself has put out since 9th December, 2020 therefore calls into question the credibility of the entire results declared, enacted and gazetted by the EC.

Hope you now understand why General Mosquito says in his witness statement that the EC deliberately cooked figures to achieve a predetermined outcome?

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