The President’s State Visit to the Ketu North Municipality: The Observation of Megbeda Dadadogbor – Part 1

I deemed it a matter of necessity to honour the INVITATION to the durbar of the Chiefs, traditional leaders and the people of the Ketu North Municipality at the Wilkaldo Hotel, Tadzewu in the Afife Traditional Area in honour of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo last Monday.

On my arrival in the Tadzewu township, I was shockingly greeted by a scenery of NPP flags all over the town, especially the principal streets leading to the venue. I then took a relook at my invitation letter in order to be double sure that i was not going to an NPP conference. The invitation letter was however concise and explicit for all intents and purposes. I had no other option but to continue to the event venue.

When I got to there, I saw my colleague traditional authorities seated in their adorable and colourful kentey regalia. I was also ushered honorable to my seat as we all waited in high expectation of the number one gentleman’s arrival.
From my close observation, I saw that one of the conopy-tents was branded in NPP colours. In addition, I realised that many were dressed in the same blue, white and red colours with the bold emblems of the NPP. The only difference apart from the security personnel, was the chiefs and the few others that were dressed noteworthy for the occasion.

According to the invitation letter, the program was scheduled to take off at exactly 12:00 PM but the President arrived exactly 18:37 GMT. Some of the Chiefs who arrived as early as 09:30 & 10:00 AM waited for the arrival of the President had to wait for close to 9 hours. Whereas those that arrived precisely 12:00PM waited for almost 7 hours.


1. It is absurd and sickening for a state occasion with an invitation from the Municipal Assembly to be overly dominated and conspicuously painted with party colours to that magnitude or gravity.
Respectfully, state occasions of such calibre, should ideally not be overclouded with party colours in order to allow the nonpartisans to have that affinity to aid in developing the municipality in one committed spirit.

2. It is an unpardonable failure on the part of the planning committee or the organisers not to have foreseen the gross lateness of the president to schedule a convenient time to save the chiefs the sort of dishonor and humiliation that they were subjected to.

3. May be the Ketu North Municipal Chief Executive who is supposed to oversee the programme is overly obsessed with his party to have allowed his party folks to gain irresistible urge against the definition for ‘State Functions’.

4. The Welcome Address read by Torgbui Awusu III was not comprehensive and all encompassing enough since it lacked collective interest and alk inclusive elements. Obviously, Afife is not the only Traditional Area in the KETU-NORTH Municipality. The welcome address, in all honesty, is completely painted and tainted with a self seeking motive than the collective interest of all in the four traditional enclaves that constitute KETU-NORTH.

Dufia Torgbui Sorkpor’s speech was compressive during the sod cutting for the District Hospital by former President Mahama because his speech was guided by the knowledge that the occasion was meant for the District and Weta was just the host for the occasion.

Also, we made all the four paramount Chiefs available equally involved in the breaking of the ground for the all important project.
In conclusion, what ensued on Monday can be described by any objective mind as more of a party than a state function, where the main speech or welcome address ended up dividing instead of uniting our municipality, KETU NORTH.


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