Probity, Transparency and Accountability: The time has finally come

The Revolution Square Picketing is symbolic.

The media houses that allowed the Finance Minister to use their networks to do propaganda to enable him and his Databank drain Ghana and plunge Ghanaians into the excruciating hardships, are guilty…

The media houses that broadcast or rebroadcast the “Databank Research” economic outlook propaganda each morning as though they are factual are complicit in the crisis Ghana has been plunged into.

Those who take adverts to allow a rosy economic picture painted, preaching of a resilient robust economy when the reality is that Ghana was bust, broke and bankrupt are equally guilty…

The Ghana Cedi was weak, Ghana’s ratings Junk yet Databank Research is not blacklisted but still allowed to do propaganda each day on some media networks…

The Gluttonous Journalists who praise those killing Ghana for Soli and rather criticise those saving Ghana from the claws of the nation-wrechers…

As for the Chief who calls critics of his cousins “Witches and Villagers” he will soon have to account for the GNPC millions and show Ghanaians each tree he claims to have planted with poor taxpayers money.

The Revolution Square Picketing is symbolic.

The desire of Ghanaians for PROBITY, TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY will eventually prevail as the Constitutional Right of Ghanaians to assemble and to demonstrate or picket cannot be indefinitely prevented.

🎼 AriseGhana Youth for your country.

The media know the identity of the CRIMINAL BRIBE-GIVING BUSINESSMAN who attempted to influence the NPP MPs to rescind their decision to have the Finance Minister sacked.

The media are quietly looking as Chairman Wuntumi and the Okyehene’s Galamsey Militia walk free after the destruction of Forests and Farmlands, Rivers and Water Bodies weeks after the shooting spree in the streets of Akyem Abuakwa…

The silence of the Gluttonous journalists, DumbDog CSOs and Clergy will not be tolerated by Ghanaians indefinitely.

The Special Prosecutor must indicate the status of investigations into the Akonta Mining Company’s Galamsey activities referred to him by the President as he begins another referral from the President in relation to the “Galamsey Economy” which involves Charles Adu Boahen and Dr. Bawumia.

Ghanaians’ anger is at boiling point and must not be tempted…

God Save Our Homeland Ghana and help us survive the WASTED YEARS OF THE AKUFO-ADDO-BAWUMIA GOVERNMENT and their DumbDogs who can’t speak truth to power because they are compromised or complicit or corrupt.



By Prince-Derek Adjei

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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