Prof. Gyampo supports the use of ADR to resolve issues at the EC

A political analyst and lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has cautioned that any probe into the activities of the Electoral Commission, seeking to uncover the alleged financial rot, could compromise the integrity of Ghana’s election body.

Instead, he supported calls by the Christian Council of Ghana, which has suggested the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms to address the problems at the EC, and ensure a truce, instead of a process that would air the dirty laundry of the commission.

The EC’s tensions came to the fore after some employees of the Commission petitioned President Akufo-Addo to dismiss Charlotte Osei for alleged financial malfeasance.

Among the allegations, the aggrieved employees claimed that Mrs. Osei awarded a GHc 3.9 million contract for work on an office complex without consulting the Commission.

Mrs. Osei rubbished the allegations in a comprehensive response to the employees, and fired some accusations at the Deputy Commissioner in-charge of Operations at the EC, Amadu Sulley.

Prof. Gyampo noted that, such friction was not new to the EC administrations as under the leadership of the immediate past EC boss, Afari Gyan, problems emerged but he always found ways to fix them.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, he said that, “in an attempt to expose some of the rot and some of the things that go on there, you are also expected to do so in a manner that wouldn’t compromise the legitimacy and public confidence in that institution.”

Prof. Gyampo further expressed some disappointment in the response from Mrs. Osei, saying he thought her response lowered the public confidence in the EC, and “made the institution suffer some legitimacy deficit.”

“I thought she would have just come out to say they are malicious fabrications and then leave the rest to those who may be investigating. As it stands now, it seems to me that if we don’t take care, we may be compromising the credibility of our future elections.”

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