The Proliferation of Many Constituencies in Ghana


Every Constituency in a democracy must have a member of parliament (MP). There are three arms of Government. The Executive, The Judiciary and the Legislature. All these branches of Governments have working staff. The larger the members of the arms of governments, the larger the overall size of Government. The bigger the bureaucracy and the bigger the Government expenditure gets over-blotted.

I am of the view that the era of big Government in Ghana, must be over. The economy of Ghana has never been healthy, and that is why the country has been overburdened with both external and internal debts. The nation must take a critical look at the proliferation of constituencies which in my view adds no revenue to the National economy. The argument that development will be faster by sub dividing the land area into many constituencies, is a joke and on the blind side of constructive reasubdividing

1992 Constitution gives powers to the Electoral Commission to create constituencies as and when desirable based on many factors, – a blank cheque, without any cap. This has given room for the two main Political parties to manipulate the system by creating additional constituencies on political expediency, with the blank check of the electoral commission. Obviously, this is one of the many deficiencies in the 1992 constitution.

I would like to argue constructively with love for Ghana and a high desire to see the nation create sustainable economic conditions resilient enough to be able to withstand the test of all times. Without any ambiguity, Ghana do not need to have more than one hundred constituencies, therefore, one hundred members of Parliament. No!!! As of now, there are 275 parliamentarians, and with the creation of six new Regions recently, there is every reason to believe that more constituencies will soon be created of cause, for realignment and for political expediency.

Let us face facts, Ghana do not need just so much more jobs for the political cronies, but the best one hundred brains to do critical thinking for our development. We can develop Ghana irrespective of the area or numerical size of a constituency, if there is a reasonable model for distributing the national cake.  I do not need to overemphasize the common sense behind running a smaller size Government. We have been told many times, the inability of Governments honoring payment of salaries of workers and most contractors for jobs performed; The implications of the exchange rate of the Ghana Cedi to major foreign currencies and the consequences of frequent IMF bail outs; The major deficiencies in our infrastructure, poor environmental and sanitation problems. Poor energy supply, poor roads, poor health care, water, name them. If despite all the above deficiencies, we have 275 MPs, 123 Ministers and a huge number of Presidential staffers, then, someone will say, there is something wrong with our National prioritization and reasoning.

Yes, it is on record that we spend over 70% of our GDP on salaries of Civil and Public servants. That must obviously be irresponsible management of the National income. How much will be left for National development? How then can we safely talk about Ghana Beyond Aid, or is it just a mere political rhetoric and deception?  I believe, it is the absolute responsibility of Government to control expenditure of state in relation to National incomes and judiciously determine its application. If we cannot run a Nation on a balanced budget and always have to borrow to subsidize budgetary allocations, then we shall forever be dictated to, by the IMF and the WORLD BANK. How many years should it take us to do just what is right for Ghana without our selfish, and political interest? I am always crying for my country Ghana.

Ofori Ampofo.

The writer is the President of National Crusaders Alliance (NCA). He will soon launch an Independent Presidential Document for change. A gift for Ghana to decide.

Secretary… Jeorge Wilson Kingson, call 0244822034…… to sign up to join the Crusade.

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