Raila Odinga unfazed by the US’ advise on his planned swearing-in

Kenya’s opposition leader has rejected advice from the United States of America to cancel plans to have himself sworn in as president. Raila Odinga said the National Super Alliance (NASA), which he leads, doesn’t recognise Uhuru Kenyatta as a the legitimate leader of the country.

Mr Odinga said dozens of Kenyans have been killed by the security forces and “nobody is talking about it. Yet they have the audacity to come and advise us to forget and move on.”

He spoke outside a morgue in the capital Nairobi while accompanying families collecting bodies of the police’s alleged victims.

The US Embassy on Wednesday called Odinga and his coalition to abandon its planned inauguration on December 12, describing it as “extra-constitutional”.

But the NASA chief seems unfazed by the US’ counsel. Odinga declined to take part in the country’s presidential election rerun, despite winning the court case that ordered it in September.

He is now poised to be sworn-in as president, a pledge he made when his rival and incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner of the repeat presidential elections

President Kenyatta was inaugurated last week.

Source: newsafricaonline

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