Re: Ghana Post to lay off 90% of staff over lack of ICT knowledge

23rd August, 2018

Press Release

Our attention has been drawn to a newspaper publication by Daily Heritage with the headline, “Ghana Post to lay off 90% of staff over lack of ICT knowledge”.
In the said publication, the editor alluded to the fact that “after a crunch meeting on the effective running of the digital addressing system among other ICT elements, being synchronize into the operation of Ghana, management of Ghana Post company have decided to retrench at least 90% of the staff instead of spending huge sums of money to train them in ICT when they would retire in the next five years”. Management of Ghana Post wishes to deny claim made by the paper.

Ghana Post has been on a digitization path, introducing e-Commerce, e-Services, financial services and courier services that rely on ICT. Nevertheless, Ghana Post’s operations go beyond ICT. The postal operations cover an entire supply chain network from acceptance to delivery and therefore require manual operations to compliment technology.

As part of transforming the business to drive efficiencies, Ghana Post under the Ministry of Communications launched Digital Addressing System in 2017. There has been a significant increase in the usage of the GhanaPostGPS App. The general public is therefore encouraged to download the GhanaPostGPS App and generate their digital addresses. To get an address tag, Ghana Post accredited agents are available to assist all customers. Please call 0800716000 or 0579579100 or 0302668138 for more details.

Management wishes to thank our cherished customers and our key stakeholders for their support.

Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe
(Head, Corporate Communication)

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