Re: Kojo Bonsu’s vicious rejoinder to Akamba’s stance

We took notice on social media of a rejoinder Kojo Bonsu’s outfit issued following our candidate’s earlier release to keep a safe distance from his strange flagbearership campaign where a lot of vicious lies, vitriolic attacks, and beer parlour propaganda has been demonstrated and wish to set the records straight.

This is politics where anything is possible but we expected some level of honesty from Kojo Bonsu’s release because politics must not be a game of lies all the time, some politicians should dare to be different and demonstrate in their actions candour and integrity but that certainly did not come from his side.

The general public deserves better than lies, the reason for our reaction to educate the public on the intricacies of UNITY WALKS Hon. Akamba and he organized.

1. Kojo Bonsu stated in his release that he conceived the UNITY WALK and decided to rope in Hon. Akamba. That is not true; Hon. Joshua Hamidu Akamba conceived the idea and approached him with it, which he initially downplayed its feasibility, stating that it wasn’t possible. He approached him with his former aid, Sammy Gyamfi, and that’s an undeniable fact.

2. He stated again that we both had discussions to the effect that both of us after a successful walk will use that to champion our individual political ambitions which is not true. Never in any of our discussions has Kojo Bonsu ever stated that he harboured any peculiar presidential ambitions. Akamba’s National Organizer’s dream was an open secret which he actually informed him of his decision to avail himself for a successful walk.

3. Bonsu’s release that we both agreed that former President John Dramani Mahama is the most popular candidate within the NDC but can’t win the general elections, that we use him as the face of the walks to get the grassroots out, while, he Kojo Bonsu like any other new face steps in as an alternative having achieved the needed mileage with the walks. He cannot be serious with this preposterous statement. John Mahama is the only magnanimous character in the NDC that can deliver victory for our party in elections 2020. There is no man, no woman, no body, who is more qualified to serve the good people of the NDC and Ghana than former President Mahama. He is the only quintessential gentleman with pearls of wisdom in our Flagbearership race and that is another obvious fact. John Mahama 2020 is non-negotiable.

4. Kojo also stated in his release that former President John Mahama decided to starve organizers of funds for the walk. Well that is another falsehood. The former President committed himself financially to the course of the project. He funded all the 10 walks you organized, the last of which came through Ambassador Victor Smith, a fact which can be verified from the gentleman.

5. In every region and constituency we visited in the course of the walks, Kojo Bonsu openly denied having any intentions to contest for any post in our upcoming Congress. This can be again verified from the regions and constituencies we visited for the walks.

Whilst we acknowledge Kojo Bonus is free to contest because our party is a Congress party, it should be noted that Kojo Bonsu is a traitorous character for hiding this self-seeking and wicked agenda from Hon. Akamba and former President John Mahama all this while.

We wish to categorically state without contradiction and provocation that Hon. Joshua Hamidu Akamba wish you well in this your ‘suicide mission’ but he simply cannot be a part of this sacrilegious mission. We are unsure whether you actually know what you are about and as to whether you actually mean well for the NDC at this juncture, we wouldn’t know.

You can go ahead with your campaign but we urge you to be decent and honest in your campaign, the needless vitriolic attacks and vicious lies you are peddling against former President John Mahama and Hon. Akamba wouldn’t be of help to you at this moment.

Stay away from beer parlour propaganda.

We go 4 JM.

Comrade Mohammed Issahaku
Grassroots Supporters of Joshua Hamidu Akamba campaign.

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