Re: OSP Invites Four Persons for Questioning on Airbus


Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA
PMB Accra-Central
31st March, 2020

The Special Prosecutor
Office of the S.P

Dear sir,


I bring you greetings from ASEPA…(rings a bell?) Ofcourse it sure does unless our “el citizen vigilante” also has a short memory.

Recently we petitioned your high office pursuant to the OSP Act relative to the massive corruption that had bedevilled the fight against Galamsey.

Sir, your office with the speed of light slyly declined jurisdiction and referred the matter to the CID which you claim was already investigating the matter.

We have subsequently received invitations from the CID which we emphatically declined to honour but that’s not why I am writing you this open letter.

I have heard and read that your office have invited some persons outside the jurisdiction of Ghana for questioning on the Airbus Scandal and I bring you bad news sir, “You are engaging in a wild goose chase!!” with tax payers resources and it’s not good!

As a lawyer of many standing Mr.Prosecutor, how did you agree to make a mockery of our Justice system by engaging in such gimmick that only points to the exercise of speculative jurisdiction?

Secondly Mr.Prosecutor, the report of SFO of the UK and the UK Courts did not and as we speak have not revealed the identities of any of the persons involved in the Airbus Scandal, if there is any contrary report we dare the OSP to make it Public but without that on what basis then is the OSP inviting these four persons who as a matter of fact were not even invited by the UK Court or the SFO in the course of the investigations and trial.

Again why would the OSP risk a mega lawsuit and a possible judgement debt by violating the privacy rights of these individuals and publishing their identities and their passport details when as we speak there is no report that officially links them to the Airbus Scandal. (An action that is often taken against fugitives)

Again what is the OSP seeking to find in all this rather expensive enterprise?
To find out if the Country lost monies in the Airbus transaction?
We already have the answer to that and it’s a big NO!
To retrieve monies back into the state coffers?
Hello No, there’s absolutely no basis for that!
Then why would this Country’s meagre resources be wasted on such an enterprise when Government is so pressed for funds in this COVID-19 era that it is contemplating on depleting our heritage fund?

Charity they say begins at home Mr.Prosecutor, we brought you viable evidence of Politically exposed individual engaged in corruption in the fight against Galamsey, you declined jurisdiction and now you are wasting the Country’s meagre resources chasing foreigners??

Sir, Honorably your high office comes with some respect due to its sensitive role and as the first occupant of this office you owe it a duty to posterity and your successors to blaze the trail and leave a good institutional history that would guide the work of future occupants of the Office.

I bet to say sir that you are failing woefully, you are disappointing a lot of us by trading the sustainability of the OSP on the altar of Political Persecution that is a clear affront to the sustainability of your office.

May you also be minded that in future you could be a subject of extensive audit and scrutiny and I bet to say that the good people of Ghana would demand from you the stewardship of every single penny the State spent on your office during your tenure and may you never transcend from the hunter to become the hunted.

We ask for God’s guidance for you sir.

Yours Sincerely,
Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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