Re: Zongo Youth reject Food Items fro Ramadan at Agogo

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Following a video that has gone viral about the rejection of some food items to the Zongo community in Agogo after the Holy Ramadan, the members of the ruling New Patriotic Party in Asante Akyem North Constituency wants to set the records straight and also educate the world and Ghanaians at large on the remote causes of the bizarre incident that occurred after the Holy Ramadan.

The Party wants to state categorically that there are numerous ongoing projects since the party under the leadership of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the indefatigable Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi took over from the National Democratic Congress.

Among the numerous projects ongoing in Agogo Zongo are, fixing of street lights, electricity extension, school feeding, twelve seater toilet facility, scholarship packages to the needy in Zongo and Jobs for some unemployed Zongo youth.

It is also worth noting that one hundred (100) bags of cement have been provided by the Member of Parliament for the execution of the ongoing projects within the Zongo community. We can also say without any shred of doubt that the other communities in the constituency are also benefiting from these aforementioned projects.

The major problem known to everybody in this country and beyond was the issue of Fulani nomads who had been terrorizing, killing, maiming the inhabitants of Agogo for almost thirty years now.

This issue had also been addressed by the Member of Parliament and as we speak with you, the Member of Parliament and the Government have been able to wipe away this marauding Fulani nomads from the Agogo land.

One will ask that with all the above mentioned achievements, why will some people be disgruntled about the work of the government and the member of parliament and utterly reject the food items provided by the District Chief Executive?

The major cause of the rejection of the food items provided after the Holy Ramadan was the annihilation of the Fulani Herdsmen from Agogo and its environs by the government through the leadership of the Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive. Some of the Youth of Agogo Zongo were benefiting from these criminal nomads by providing a safe haven for some of them after the whole community has utterly rejected them. The leader of the aggrieved Zongo youth is a known member of the National Democratic Congress and was also an owner of cattle
that were destroying the farms of the people of Agogo.

To buttress the point that this commotion was caused because of some disgruntled cattle owners, the Zongo chief and the Imam asserted that the whole issue was machinated by some disenchanted and aggrieved cattle owners when they went to the District Chief Executive to beg him for the unfortunate incident.

We can also say without any equivocation that the leaders of the group that orchestrated this dastardly act namely; Amidu Mohammed, Mashawudu Issah and Emmanuel Sarkodie are branch,zonal and constituency executives respectively of the erstwhile NDC administration whose intention is to get political gains out of this incident.

It can also be emphasized that a political appointee of our party (New Patriotic Party) who is clandestinely striving to come back and lead the party as a legislator is fueling the tension in our constituency through the media in order to capitalize on this activity of the Zongo youth to score cheap
political points. He has absolutely lost touch with the entire constituency of Asante Akyem North and Agogo township hence his reliance on the NDC members and the disgruntled cattle owners to cause confusion in the Constituency.

We are therefore using this medium to issue a stern warning to the detractors who are hellbent on running the NPP party and the MP down in the constituency to better advise themselves.

In conclusion, we want to say that the party and the Member of Parliament and the government remain focus and resolute in giving development projects to Asante Akyem North Constituency and there is nothing that can derail us from giving the people of Asante Akyem North Constituency
what they deserve.

Thank you


William Aboagye Boateng
(Constituency Secretary

Hon. Derrick Amoah
Youth Organizer

Prince Amoako
( Deputy Constituency Secretary)

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