Rebranding of Food and Drugs Authority Costs Ghc2.6m?

There is a staggering disquiet at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) over rumors that, the authority may have blown a whopping Ghc2.6million on a new logo that could cost almost next to nothing .

The Authoritys CEO, Mrs. Delese A.A. Darko is said to have adopted a hear no evil, speak no evil approach to the scattering claim since its commence.

According to insiders, the face value of the new logo appears to be a simple artwork that could have been easily put together by the Public Relations department of the Authority at no cost. In a worst case scenario, the Authority could have outsourced its design at a cost not more than Ghc500.

Sources have said that whatever money that was spent on the new logo is only known to the CEO and the contractor and was not budgeted for.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) had launch the brand new logo that it claims it is using to anchor a re-branding drive of the agency which just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The new logo is an artwork consisting of two arcs in yellow and blue shades forming a circle around the initialism, FDA, as they interlock in a ying-yang style. Food And Drugs Authority is fully spelt and arrayed nicely atop the circle.

The emblem is then completed with the tagline Your Wellbeing, Our Priority.

In all, a palette of four colors Blue, Yellow, Black and White dominate the new logo. The Authority has explained that Blue stands for Bold, Yellow stands for vibrant, Black stands for Authority and White stands for Transparency.

As an organisation that believes in innovation we felt the need to refresh our identity with a new logo that speaks to our values and one that is simple and clear. The re-branding will breathe new life into our Authority’s public interface. It will position FDA as an evolving brand that moves with the times and remains relevant in a changing business environment, a statement issued on the new logo said

At a lavish launch held at the conference hall of the Accra campus of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) today, CEO, explained everything concerning the new logo to an audience that included donors to the Authority except the amount of money that was spent to design the fanciful emblem.

With the recent expensive re-branding done by the Electoral Commission in mind, Whatsup News later approached the CEO and enquired of the cost of the new logo to the tax payer but Mrs. Darko declined to answer, on reasons that knowing the cost of the logo was not important.

Her dismissive attitude also meant that the name of the designers of the logo could not be made available.

Whatsup News cannot independently verify the allegation, but the secretive attitude of the Authoritys CEO has only served to create more room for speculation over the issue.

Source: Whatsupnews Ghana

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