Rejoinder: Chief of Staff’s office spends 168m GHs

There comes a time when the true story of issues must be addressed to put a final nail in the coffin of idiots who can barely rearrange their lives, claiming unto themselves a position in society undeserved and unbecoming of the success story that is shaping the nation three years after NPP’s victory for change that has manifested in many ways to ameliorate the living conditions of Ghanaians.

It has come to my attention that a certain document purportedly leaked by an NDC criminal in the registry of parliament or one of the NDC parliamentarian fools that cannot spell their name right is making the rounds. It talks about a total expenditure of Jubilee House to the tune of 168 million Ghana Cedis. It is imperative to understand that other than the mischief intended to cause a barrage of defamatory posts and comments on the person of the Hon. Chief of Staff, Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare, this document seeks to malign the office of the President for not allowing stray dogs to get any of that to put in their pockets. They never would have gotten and no one would get!

Truth be said that the expenses of Jubilee House under the watch of Madam Chief of Staff do not amount to more than 20% of the annual expenses under NDC’s John Mahama. That said, Ghanaians must know that in 2012, President Mahama spent over $6 million US Dollars on a single trip to the USA when he visited CNN and posed for a Samsung Photoshoot. That amounts to some 35 million Ghana Cedis, and that is just one single travel for a week. Besides that, on diaries alone, John Mahama, whose bidding the traitors are doing, spent ten million US Dollars, amounting to some GHs57 million. Put the two instances together, and the fantastic travels to Dubai alone ballooned the expenses of John Mahama’s Jubilee House to over 600 million Ghana Cedis over the course of the year. Keep in mind that 600 million Ghana Cedis at the time was the equivalent of approximately $200 million US Dollars as against the much discussed NPP’s GHs 168 million which is equivalent to some $30 million US Dollars, a reduction of $170 million US Dollars that helped sustain the Free SHS for the year. This reduction in annual expenses made possible by the Chief of Staff’s watch over the national kitty is enough to build two of Mahama’s much inflated circle/Dubai interchange! Saa p3p33p3!!!

We cannot forget that the Jubilee House, under the presidency of NDC’s John Mahama spent hundreds of millions of Ghana Cedis buying gifts and landcruiser vehicles to appease gluttons and nation wreckers in order to have their loyalty. We cannot forget that Jubilee House spent $2 million US Dollars on a hangar for the jet that John Mahama bought and screwed the nation with.

The stories of vulgar annual expenditure at the Jubilee House under NDC’s watch was more than the budget of some nations, and certainly more than that of the local government. For the shortfall in funds due to overspending, John Mahama dipped his hands into funds and grants to continue with his bizarre form of buying loyalty.

It is disgusting to me that some people have soon forgotten all that and made a U-turn much similar to John Mahama’s to try hitting Nana Akufo-Addo unjustly as if that would score life-saving points. It is indeed the attitude of unrepentant fools that they should side with unrepentant thieves of the most corrupt nature to indict Nana Addo’s exemplary governance and faithfulness to the nation. Those who continue with the agenda of tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Hon Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei Opare, with sleazy lies and unwholesome dictum that can only cause convulsion in the stomachs of good people must understand that the curse of the nation for trying to derail the positive circumstances will befall them in every manner applicable. Then again, you cannot really blame people whose wives are purportedly in bed with John Mahama. They apparently get paid to smear the filth that result from these affairs with no choice, having forfeited the right to their own opinion due to the shame of their predicament.

John Mahama cannot and will not be allowed to get close to the Presidency again. Compared to GHs 600 Million Ghana Cedis annual expenditure by Jubilee House under John Mahama, the current GHs168 Million Ghana cedis is a welcome reduction and appreciable saving that had a fulfilling benefit on the whole nation, rather than just a single individual Mahama family.


By Fadi Dabbousi

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