Relief for Cocoa Farmers as Concerned Ghanaian Offer Magic Fertilizer

Cocoa Farmers in the Country especially those in the Western North Region, with distressed cocoa trees will soon heave a sigh of relief, as a concerned Ghanaian,  having heard their cries, has come their way with a magic wind.

Apparently touched by the fact that their cocoa trees were dying  en mass, especially those in the Sefwi Area, Nana Gabby Nketia, the Concerned Ghanaian stepped in  with a fertilizer that is able to virtually resurrect  the distressed dying cocoa trees. It all started when Mr. Samuel Ankamah, a Cocoa farmer at Appiakrom near Sefwi Wiawso the Western North Regional Capital was hit strongly by the canker- distressed, dying cocoa trees.

As a result, he decided to cut down the affected trees. Per chance, Mr. Kesseie an agent of the fertilizer who heard of his plight gave him a little quantity to apply on the affected trees.


To his amazement, Mr. Ankamah found his distressed cocoa tress, rejuvenated revamped, revigorised, and infact, resurrected  a few months after applying the fert on his dying cocoa trees.

According to him the dying trees did not only resurrecte, but also tarseled in blossom thereby producing healthy pods.

He indicated that as a result, he was sending  more of the fertilizer to apply on his distressed dying cocoa trees in the Enchie area.

The farmer, who maintained that he had done farming for the past 20 years, stated that he had applied all manner of fertilizer on his farm, but this one had shown great difference and stood tall. He took the opportunity to appeal to all farmers to lay hands on this fert for the revamping of their dying cocoa farms.

On her part, Madam Dora Adjei, also a cocoa farmer at Punikrom told this reporter that her cocoa trees were near death. However, after receiving a quantity of the fertilizer from Mr. Kessie and applying it, the dying trees have rejuvenated and blossomed bountifully. She said that after application, the numerous flowers that blossomed matured into healthy pods. Also, when she applied some of the fert on her vegetables, they also did very well. Dora is by this is, urging all farmers to get some of the Concept Green Agro Organic fertilizer for their own good.


According to Mr. Kwasi Biney of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), because this fertilizer is organic, it does not kill the Micro – organisms in the soil that help plant growth. Instead it revives them, there by aiding vigorous growth for plants on which the felt has been applied.

Mr. Biney, who has been associated with the Concept Green Agro Organic Fertilizer opined that although other agro-chemicals such as SIDACO and others are equally good, they are chemical in nature and can kill micro –organisms in the soil that help plant growth.

However with this organic one soil micro-Organisms are not only maintained, but rejuvenated. He subsequently recommended farmers to make use it as it has proven to be effective and efficacious.


Concept Green agro Organic fertilizer, a follo fertilizer has proven not only to resurrect dying cocoa trees, but also rejuvenates all leafy plants and crops on which it (felt) is applied. It is therefore effective for cereals, vegetable, fruit plants, tree plants and name it, any other leafy plant

Bulk purchase could be obtained from the following numbers

0247159717, 0546386648, 0244144493, 0243819741

Source: S.O Ankama

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